Spring in NC

      I’ve always loved the fact that North Carolina has four distinct seasons.  When I lived in California all of those years, I longed for Spring filled with azaleas and dogwood trees.  My one attempt to plant a dogwood tree in CA failed.  Winter with occasional snow would’ve been welcome too.  Since we lived just a few feet above sea level and in an extremely mild climate, that wasn’t going to happen either.  Winter specifically brought rain and fog.  In the fall, there weren’t too many trees around that would actually turn colors, unless they had been landscaped into someone’s front yard.  The hillsides were covered in grass and huge, knotty (but beautiful) oak trees.  I don’t recall them ever changing colors.   Summer was consistent, hot but fairly mild, since there was never a lot of humidity.  Northern California was truly nice for it’s wide open spaces and mild climate.  But for a southern girl from North Carolina’s Piedmont, it always fell a little short in the changing of seasons.  So now that we are back Mooresville, one of the things I love the most is watching this miraculous, every 3 month event.  It’s almost as good as the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier or something of that nature.  I love it! 

My birthday has always been around Easter.  So for me, there’s always been something almost magical about Spring.  There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut wild onions, the chirping of baby birds, or even the buzz of the bumble bees as they seemingly hit every single bloom on the azaleas.  The woods are scattered with light green as the trees start budding.   Splashes of white dogwoods and lavender colored trees of another name fill the landscape.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful.   This is the time of year when everyone gets Spring fever.  We prematurely wear shorts and tank tops, then inevitably get sick.  It’s 80 degrees outside one day, then 60 the next. People are out planting their vegetable gardens and trying to time it just right for the perfect harvest.  Too early and it could snow and  kill the whole garden.  

Then for those of us with seasonal allergies, it’s also bitter sweet.  We have to take antihistamines and allergy shots just to try to stay well during this time.  Pollen covers the ground as if it’s snowed yellow powder.  All part of God’s design, but difficult nonetheless, if you are allergic.  So, I take my weekly allergy shots, Kleenex box, and camera in hand and set out to enjoy a day in the Spring in North Carolina.  I’m amazed by God’s art work.  This is truly a day the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!

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