Lessons from the Birds (part 1)

      I was running in the park the other day.  It had seemed like one of the toughest weeks I had ever had emotionally, and for no apparent reason.  Ever had those weeks?  If not, you are one of the blessed few, especially if you’re a woman.  Women cry sometimes and have no idea why they are even crying.  That’s the kind of week it had been.  So this walk/run in the park was an attempt to get out of this present funk that I was in. 

      I came to the bridge where I normally stop to breathe, stretch, and admire God’s beauty in nature.  This particular day seemed more lovely than most.   The sun sparkled through the trees, the air was crisp, there was a gentle breeze, and the noises of nature were chanting like a chaotic but beautiful choir.  As I stood and stretched and took it all in, my mind began racing.  I watched the birds bounce and flit in and out of bushes, and on and off tree limbs.  Sometimes they sang.  Sometimes they had their mouths too full to sing, as they gathered and carried their findings to their babies.  I was amazed by how carefree and happy they appeared to be.  I would have to assume they were really happy, since they had no reason to put on a facade for me. 

         So, I learned from watching the birds.  With no pretense, they happily gathered and sang, totally trusting God in the process.  Whether or not they even knew their Creator was, I guess, beside the point.  He still created them and provided for them, whether they knew it or not.   They had no worries.  God never failed to provide their needs.  If  He provided for them, and they weren’t even in relationship with Him (as we know it), how much more would He provide for my needs?  After all, He was in relationship with me and loved me just as much, if not more than he loved the birds.  So my emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial needs were all of utmost importance to Him.   He WOULD provide, just like He provided for the birds. “Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!”  Luke 12:23-25   So trusting Him with a cheerful, carefree spirit was my first lesson of the day.

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