The Deer

Well I just have to say, today I’m glad to be alive.  I just wrecked my car last night.  A deer ran right in front of me on my way home.  I live out in the country.  I was going about 55 when I hit it.  I’m just thankful it didn’t fly through my wind shield and kill me.  It hit and flew about 50-100 feet down and across the road.  It jerked me over and off of my side of the road.  There was a truck coming toward me about 500 feet away and witnessed the whole thing.  Thankfully it slowed down so the deer didn’t fly up and hit it.  So today, I’m healthy and alive.  My car is crushed in the front and has deer hair all over it.  I felt bad for the poor deer, but at the same time could not help thinking how stupid the thing was for running right out in front of my car.  It could have been much more disastrous.  Thank God for His protection.

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