I was sharing with my sister in law,  Joann, earlier.  I was telling her what I was thinking as I saw two women in the park walking with skirts down to their ankles.  As these women got closer to me, I realized that I knew one of them.  We spoke briefly as she passed.  I have to admit, I immediately thought “how legalistic to feel like you have to exercise in a denim skirt to be set apart and holy.”  It was a judgmental thought, I know.  I’m just saying…

As Jo and I discussed it, she reminded me of something Mike Madding, pastor of the Cove Church, spoke about recently in one of his sermon’s.  He was talking about how we don’t have to go around quoting scripture all the time to be effective Christ followers.  He raised the point that sometimes we can be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.  With this, I began introspectively looking at my own life.  I’m sure there are times that my passion about Jesus and what He’s doing in my life can either be a “turn off,” or at least cause me to seem a bit unapproachable to some.  I do not want to be that person! 

If you read my “about me” page, you can see where my heart is in regard to writing, and even writing the way I write.   I definitely want to have some relevance in  my life as a believer.  I want to be able to relate to people and have them feel like they can relate to me, otherwise I will be ineffective in what God is calling me to do.  Being able to balance holiness and being “sanctified through and through” (1 Thes 5:23) with being real and relational is the person I desire to be.  So that’s my prayer today.  I also don’t want to be judgemental.  God is teaching me that every person’s journey with Him looks different, and all people are in different places with Him.

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