Physical Wellness (part 2)

There are a few other things I’ve learned that I believe worth mentioning.   Detoxification, antioxidant rich foods, healthy fats,  healthy milks, probiotics, organic foods and healthy food combinations.  I’ll try to hit on all of these as simply and quickly as possible to offer some reasonable tips for getting and staying healthy.  Again these are all ideas I’ve picked up from a variety of sources that have proven helpful for me personally.  I’ll include a list of these sources at the end of this blog.

ANTIOXIDANTS are important because they carry free radicals, or harmful, potentially cancer causing substances, out of the body.  There are many antioxidant rich vegetables and fruits.  Google it.  (And yes I did use the word Google as a verb).  I’m sure you can search lists of these foods.  So I’ll just name a few of the MOST antioxidant rich foods available.  Blueberries, good for the brain, are believed by scientists to be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  Pomegranates, good for the heart, are also one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet.   They were also the fruit of royalty in the Bible.   Acai berries, as seen on Oprah, are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium.  They are also a good source of Omega-3’s (healthy fats or fatty acids).  Vitamins A, C, and E are straight up antioxidants.  Noni, mangosteen, and gogi berry are some of the most powerful antioxidant fruits in the world.  These can be found in bottled juices in most health food stores.  Concord grapes, green tea, cherries, aloe vera juice, and grape seed extract are a few others. 

Just in everyday life by what we eat, breath, and put on our skin, our bodies are constantly taking in toxins that have no natural way of escaping.  Left floating around in our bodies’ cells, these toxins will cause disease.  Routine DETOXIFICATION is important for the removal of  toxins from the body.  Whole body cleanses can be found in most health food stores.  Cleansing, or detoxing, can be done with kits of  all natural pills, normally taken over a 2 week period.  The herbs and whole foods in these pills will attach to these toxins and carry them out of the body.   Or you can read and follow the Raw Foods Detox Diet,  by Natalia Rose.  After a general, whole body cleansing, it’s good to detox specific organs like the liver or lymphatic system.  There’s also a candida cleanse that removes harmful yeast from the system.  It’s important when cleansing to give the body ample time to rest between cleanses.  I normally wait at least a month.  That’s not scientific, that’s just me.  It’s also very important when doing a cleanse to follow the directions carefully, especially the one that says drink plenty of water!  The directions are normally specific, and it’s important not to drink less than the directed amount.  Normally, during the cleanse I feel sluggish for the first week, then I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  I try to avoid doing cleanses during the summer or times of spending a lot of time in the sun to prevent dehydration.

Some people believe that all FAT is bad.  This is simply not true.  Just like we’ve discovered that all cholesterol is not bad, we’ve discovered the same about fats.  One of the most important fats is omega 3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil and ocean caught salmon.  Try to avoid farm raised salmon as it is more likely to have toxins in it.  Any raw fat, found naturally such as avacados, nuts, coconut and coconut butter, cold-pressed oils, are healthy fats.  These cold pressed oils may include olive, sesame, flax seed, sunflower, coconut, and peanut oils.  Flaxseed oil shouldn’t be used in cooking, but can be used in dressings and such.  So try a little avocado with your food instead of cheese, it’s great.  Cook with olive oil or coconut oil rather than canola or vegetable oil, it’s much healthier. 

Next on the list is MILKS.  Dairy has proven to be something my body cannot tolerate.  I do not have lactose intolerance or a milk allergy, BUT I do have Crohn’s.  Remember, everything I’m sharing, I share because it is what has worked for me.  Dairy and soy products are 2 of the most mucous producing products that we can consume.  I know in my body that has been totally true.  The less I use these products, the less sick I seem to get with sinus and other upper respiratory infections.  Because Crohn’s is an inflammatory disease where over mucous production in the colon is common anyway, reducing these products has seemingly helped reduce this problem.  Also, dairy contains animal proteins that are difficult to digest, lactose sugar (that many humans do not tolerate), and growth hormones.  My body has a difficult enough time balancing it’s own hormones at times, it doesn’t need to be trying to balance hormones from cow’s milk too.  SO, I say that to say, I have found that soy, although mucous forming as well, is a healthier choice than dairy.  I actually choose to drink almond milk and rice milk over soy, because these are not mucous producing and are much easier for me to digest.  I prefer the taste of almond.  Chocolate almond milk is really delicious.  Goat’s milk is easier than cow’s milk to digest, but I personally do not like the taste of  it at all. 

 The only dairy based products I use are ice cream occasionally, and Kefir.  Kefir is  centuries old.  It can be found in the refrigerated section of most health food stores.  It’s basically a yogurt drink with multiple strands of good bacteria.  Soy yogurt is really good as well.  Good bacteria, better known as PROBIOTICS, are also essential to good health.  If you choose to buy them and take them in pill form, make sure you look to see if they need to be refrigerated.  Also, try to get them with as many different strands of bacteria as possible.  According to Dr. Jordan Rubin, “The Maker’s Diet,”  probiotics with HSO’s, or soil organisms, is even better for providing a healthy atmosphere in the digestive tract.  These hardy probiotics “seem to act aggressively against protozoa, worms, and other parasites within the intestines and related tissues and organs.  Even Candida albicans, along with other yeast and molds, is obliterated.”  These probiotics (with HSO’s) can be found in most local health food stores as well.

Healthy FOOD COMBINATIONS is the next thing I’ll discuss.  Changing how I combine my foods has been one of the most beneficial things for me personally.  Natalia Rose explains it best in her Raw Foods Detox Diet book.  The quicker food can exit the body, the better.  Certain combinations of foods make digestion easier, then also makes the food exiting quicker and easier.  If foods are combined wrong, instead of taking 4 hours to digest, they take 8 hours, making digestion and time food spends in the digestive tract slow and sluggish.  Here are a few tips.  NEVER eat fruit with anything but fruit, and ALWAYS consume it on an empty stomach.  It only takes 30 minutes to digest.  If eaten with any other types of foods, it will sit in the body with the longer digesting foods and ferment while it waits to leave the body.  That fermentation causes gas and bloating.  I eat fruit, then wait 30 minutes before I eat anything else.  Normally fruit is first thing in the morning for me.  It’s just easiest to get it in then. 

There are 4 categories of food that you never want to mix.  These are  1) starches,  2) fleshes (meats, eggs, and cheese),   3) nuts/seeds/dried fruit, and   4) fresh fruits.  The first 3 of these categories can be mixed with vegetables.  Remember, cooked corn and sweet potatoes are starches.  Wait 3-4 hours before switching food groups.  Just changing this about my diet has helped me feel so much better.  “They” say this is not scientifically proven.  The woman who wrote this book is a nutritionist.  I just know what has seemed to work for me.  One thing she wrote that stuck for me was, “Gassiness is a good way to gauge whether something is a bad combination.”  Since I’ve been eating this way, I hardly ever deal with the bloating that is typical of Crohn’s Disease. 

One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that ORGANIC products are less likely to have the toxins in them that inorgainic products.  The fewer toxins that enter the body, the better. If you canNOT afford to buy all organic, try to buy organic fruits and vegetables.  IF this is not possible either, then try to buy organic fruits and veggies with thin skin or ones where you consume the whole vegetable raw, for example apples, carrots, and/or lettuces.   Illness is caused by, one, too many toxins in the body that aren’t being flushed out fast enough.  Two, we are nutritionally deficient.  Three, stress is a killer.  Four, our bodies are too acidic.  The more green and raw veggies we consume and less processed foods, the more alkaline (and healthy) we’ll be.  Five, sometimes outside, unwanted organisms enter our bodies and simply make us sick.  Every single thing I’ve mentioned in these Physical Wellness blogs (1 and 2) are ways to help PREVENT these things that cause illness.

Here’s my list of the most important and BENEFICIAL RESOURCES I’ve found. ” The Complete Guide to Digestive Health,”  by Gayle K. Wood;  “The Raw Food Detox Diet,”  by Natalia Rose;  “The Maker’s Diet,” by Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, PhD.  There have been numerous others, but these have been the most influential to me.  I haven’t used every single thing in all of these books.  But what I have chosen to change has been tremendously helpful.   I hope some of what I’ve written will be helpful to you as well.  Oh and above all of this, don’t forget your quiet time with God.  JESUS is the great physician and number one healer and life giver.  Happy and healthy living to you all.

3 thoughts on “Physical Wellness (part 2)

  1. Healthy Oil Guy says:

    Really informative article! I completely agree with the inclusion of healthy fats in a diet. I’m an advocate of using virgin coconut oil, fish oils, and organic flaxseed and hemp oils in my diet. These ingredients are not normallly available in a lot of processed foods so we need to supplement our diets in order to get these missing fats in our diet.

    1. riveradouthit says:

      Yes, I had that verse posted on my Facebook wall yesterday:) “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5 Sorry the blog was difficult for you to read. It’s really a lot of information to try to simplify and put into a fairly short blog, but information worth sharing nonetheless. Hopefully it will help someone:) Thanks for the feedback.

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