Catching Vision Not Waves

Being in and out of town this summer has limited my time for blogging.  It seems that my times at the beach the past couple of years have consistently been times God has spoken to me.  His guidance last summer was in the direction of me leading a women’s life group at church.  He confirmed that was what He wanted me to do in several different ways.   So, of course I followed through and led one in Ladies Life at the Cove.  During this time of seeking Him, God spoke clearly through other people.  I was given a book with a note attached as a gift that also helped lead me in that general direction.  I love it when He speaks in this way! 

This year has been another journey of trying to hear from Him about specific things that I believe are His vision or will for my life.   While I was at the beach this last time, a book was suggested to me called “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley.  I started reading it, and heard a great sermon by Andy as well during that trip.  The sermon was about how different paths we take have very different results or destinations.   One day I was doing my devotions after we returned home, the verse God led me to was Psalm 27:11 (The Message) which says “Point me down Your highway God; direct me along a well lighted street.”  This was awesome to me because I had just spoken a similar prayer before I started reading, not to mention what I had already been reading and hearing that week.  To confirm even more this whole path, destination, vision theme that God and I had been discussing, Mike Madding’s message at the Cove this weekend was also about waiting on God and HIS timing in the fulfillment of His plan.  So I believe God is saying the importance of timing, His timing and not ours, to the overall vision or plan is one of the keys to success.  

I want so much to be in God’s will and be carrying out His vision for my life.  So I’ve been pondering the different ways God lights my path to show me the way He wants me to go.  I thought of the verse, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105  He didn’t say that other people would be a light for my path, although I believe He speaks His truth to me through people at times.  He said His word would be the light.  His word is the source that keeps me from tripping along the way.  It keeps me upright and following the right path in the darkness.  So as I pray, I try to remember to ask God to show me something new from His word, to speak to me clearly through it.  I pray for it to come alive for me as I read, and come alive in my life as I live day to day. 

Being lined up with what God wants me doing, catching His vision and carrying it out is my greatest desire.  His word tells me if I delight myself in Him, He’ll give me the desires of my heart. (Psalm 37:4)   If I seek Him with all of my heart I will find Him. (Jer 29:13)   And, if I keep my mind stayed on Him, or steadfast, He will keep me in perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3)   As I allow His word to direct me, I find that the path is all about Him, and not about me at all.  God is the focus.  His plan for my life is not about ME, what I want, or what I’m great at.  It’s all about Him and His kingdom plan.  So a few waves have been caught this summer at the beach, but more than that God’s been speaking to me about catching His vision.  That vision is all about His Kingdom, not mine.  His vision for my life is definitely in line with His overall vision for His Kingdom.  So I wait and pray for opportunity, favor and God’s clear direction to fulfill my part of that Kingdom plan.

The last thing He clearly spoke to me from His word said, “/be strong and take heart and WAIT for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14  Again, the timing thing.  I don’t think He could be any more clear than that.  “Wait.” Oh my, how difficult that is at times, especially when I believe I have caught a glimpse of His plan or vision for my life.  Wait?  But if  I wait, how will it all get done?  Right?  Does this sound familiar?  Well, waiting is part of the process.  In his book “Visioneering,”  Andy Stanley points out that Nehemiah had to wait to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.  He had a vision and passion for doing this, but he worked for a King whose people had actually torn the wall down.  Interesting.  So God said “wait on me.” (paraphrasing)  Nehemiah waited, prayed and planned.  When all was in order on God’s time line, the King was ready, hearts were changed, Nehemiah was ready, and the people were ready. Then, God said “go.”  Nehemiah listened, and all was successful.  God is working everything out, things that I can’t see, behind the scenes.  To get ahead of that would be very untimely, and perhaps even dangerous.  God is bigger than all of it.  His timing is perfect.  He has me where he wants me to accomplish things in other areas to prepare the way, but also to accomplish His work in me personally.  Trusting Him during the wait is vital for joy and contentment.  I pray that my spiritual ears will be as attentive  as Nehemiah’s.  I always say I’m in God’s school.  The various classes in His school take on different appearances, but they are all very important.  Some may seem a little more boring and mundane than others, but equally as important.  If you have been able to relate to this at all, join me, and let this be your prayer while you seek, trust, and wait, “Yes Lord walking in the way of Your laws we wait for You;  Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.” Isaiah 26:8

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