(Week 2)- Day 3 – Priorities

The rich young ruler had everything.  When he asked how he could have eternal life, Jesus told him by selling all that he had and giving to the poor, and then by following Him. The ruler saddened, chose to not to follow.  He held on tight to all that he had.  No matter how hard you’ve worked for it, would you be willing to give up everything and follow?  Is there something that you set as a priority over your relationship with God?  How could you live differently to show others that you love Jesus with your whole heart, mind, soul, and strength?  For some people, it would be willingness to share Him with others.  To step out of the box and obediently follow may take the courage to talk about Him with coworkers.  Maybe you’ve recognized opportunity and simply stayed quiet to watch it slip by.  Pray for the courage to give up those things necessary to draw closer to Jesus and be willing to share Him confidently with every opportunity.

Read:  Mark 12:30-32; Luke 18:18-29; Matthew 10:32-33

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