Go Bananas (week 5)- Day 1

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Rehab, and many others had God’s plan for their lives birthed in their hearts.  Their faith and obedience to do what God said to do is what saved them.  It’s what made them worth mentioning again in God’s Word in Hebrews 11.  It’s what God used to change history and lead up to the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world.  One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is that God would, in His sovereignty, choose to use us to help fulfill His plan today.  God birthed a plan in the heart of The Cove Church with “Go Bananas.”  Obedience to follow through and do what God was saying to do brought healing, changed lives, and God was glorified.  During this series, in what ways did God use you and how did you find yourself stepping out in faith?

Read:  Hebrew 13:20-21; Hebrews 11; James 2:20-26

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