Go Bananas (week 5) – Day 4

Every God-inspired vision will, in the end, direct all eyes back to Him. Gideon, Joshua, and David led Israel through battles successfully through no merit of their own.  It was clear that they came through these battles with victory by God’s power alone.  Clearly due to God’s provision, The Cove has come through a building project, the launch and growth of the Statesville campus, and the “Go Bananas” series all in this past year.  Through each of these endeavors, hundreds of people are being reached for the sake of introducing people to Jesus as their Savior.  This “Go Bananas” series has stirred revival in the hearts of God’s people and served to demonstrate His love and compassion to the community.  We’ve been reminded of how to be the church.  As it has been preached: “We want to be a church that’s known for what we’re for and not for what we’re against.”  We are for Jesus.  With all eyes on Him, let us not forget to thank and praise Him for all He has done.

Read:  Isaiah 41:18, 20; Psalm 63:2-4; Psalm 100:4

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