Just Ask (week 2) – Day 1

We are called to be relational.  Community is God’s way.  He displays the importance of community in His own image and design.  He is Three-in-One, the Father, Son and Spirit, otherwise known as the Trinity.  He also made the choice to come to earth in human form.  Jesus walked the earth, felt human emotion and pain, but was never any less God.  During His life on earth, Jesus modeled being in community.  Almost everywhere He went, He took a few if not all of His twelve disciples.  They were not only His students and followers; they were His friends.  He taught them by His life and words, and by spending time with them. Although relationships are not always easy, we need to make every effort to build a bridge.  Extending an invitation to a neighbor or coworker to attend a weekend service may be a good way to start.  Or ask, “Is this your first time visiting the Cove?  Or are you in a life group?”  Simple questions initiate conversation and become building blocks to relationship and community.

Read:  Philippians 4:13; Philippians 2:13; Romans 12:3-16

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