Just Ask (week 2) – Day 3

Being totally transparent is usually difficult.  Past hurts can be huge obstacles to authentic relationships.  Trusting and being trustworthy are important.  Trusting others is significant, but even more crucial is trusting God.  He has our best interest at heart.  He may have plans to use us in others’ lives as much as He plans to use them in our lives.  Community is like the river God uses to carry love, healing and discipleship.  Our contributions may be small, but they accumulate to form this river of community.  God’s river spreads out over the land, carrying life and healing to all who encounter it.  Undoubtedly we should pray for protection and discernment in our relationships, because they all may not be healthy or God-ordained. We must pray for wisdom and move forward, trusting God to direct.  Keep God at the center of your relationships, and be open and obedient to how He may want you to contribute.

Read:  Psalm 46:4; Isaiah 43:19; Isaiah 44:3; Psalm 1:1-3

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