Psalm 23- (Day 5)- Valleys

Psalm 23 paints one of the most beautiful word pictures of having the peace of God through the valley.  David described God as his “shepherd.”  I love the thought that God is my shepherd, because the shepherd protects his sheep.  We always think of the valleys of life as places of difficulty.  But literally speaking, valleys are lush and green from life-giving water.  Rain flows down the mountains to create rivers that flow through the valleys.  David says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.”  So although a valley may be a low place in your life, the Shepherd can safely lead you. Allow Him to provide life-giving water to heal, comfort and restore your soul.    

Read:  Psalm 23; Isaiah 41:18; John 7:38; 10:7-16

2 thoughts on “Psalm 23- (Day 5)- Valleys

  1. riveradouthit says:

    Wow… thanks Deanna. God must’ve had you come and comment on this particular one so that I would actually read it again. I needed that reminder today myself. Love you.

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