Actions Speak Louder than Words

Interesting thought for Christmas…..  although he spoke at times no doubt, there’s no record in the Bible of anything Joseph ever said.  He wasn’t an important figure, just a carpenter.  Yet God chose to use Him to help carry out His plan for His Kingdom and humanity.  Joseph was and is an unsung hero.  His actions spoke louder than His words as he followed God in obedience.  He took Mary as his wife, walked all the way to Bethlehem to register for the census, Jesus was born in that intimate barn-like setting, and the rest is history.  I’m sure things were a little confusing, but Joseph trusted God and what the angel of the Lord said.  He trusted that Mary really had conceived this baby from the Holy Spirit, and God had a plan bigger than what He could see or understand at the time.

That’s exactly what God wants from us,  moment by moment obedience.  We don’t need a special job or high-ranking position in society,  just willingness to listen and go.  It may not always be clear why God wants us to do a particular thing, but our obedience and availability combined with God’s plan can change history. 

Read:  Matthew 1 and 2; Luke 2

One thought on “Actions Speak Louder than Words

  1. Suzanne says:

    I never realized the Bible does not contain anything Joseph said. Thank you for that nice piece of information! And what a great example of someone who was just obedient:) THANK YOU!

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