Read Micah 6:8b –  To walk humbly with God requires submitting to His will.  A humble person knows who God is and who he is in relation to Him.  We must learn to rid ourselves of pride, self-centeredness and judgment to walk humbly.   In humility, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.  In return they had to humble themselves to let Him, which was difficult for Peter.  Sometimes like Peter, we don’t feel worthy of the ways God wants to lavish His love on us, and it takes humility to accept them.  It seems like an oxymoron, but knowing securely who we are in Christ allows us to walk in confident humility.  Accept that you are forgiven, loved, blessed and “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).  Gather strength and quiet confidence from Him.  Then give God the credit for all the amazing ways He blesses your life.  That’s walking humbly!

Read:  Psalm 103; John 13:3-5; Matthew 11:29

Pray:  Thank you that You are God and I am not.  My future is in Your hands.  Give me the confidence and security to walk humbly with You.

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