Grace (written for Forgiven series- Day 1)

Grace- a gift of kindness and favor.  God bestowed grace upon humans when He sent His Son Jesus into the world.  Jesus came in human flesh, experienced pain and temptation, yet never sinned.  He taught the truth of God’s word, healed many, and extended grace to those with whom He encountered.  Then He fulfilled God’s ultimate plan of forgiveness and grace when He willingly hung on the cross.  In the Old Testament, people made animal sacrifices and offerings to God for the forgiveness of their sins.  Jesus became the final sacrifice for the sins of the world.  After three days in the tomb, He arose from the dead displaying His God power.  He fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament, the Messiah, the One sent to set us free from our sins and put us in a right relationship with God the Father.  He died once and for all!  The gift of Jesus… grace at its best!  We choose whether or not we believe and accept God’s gift of kindness and favor.  Have you received it?

Read:  Hebrews 10:5-10; John 1:14-17

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