Have a Story? (Forgiven series – Grace- Day 3)

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s mercy and grace.   Paul persecuted Jesus followers.  Walking to Damascus he encountered a bright light, heard Jesus’ voice, and lost his eyesight. After believing and following Jesus, his vision was returned and he was filled with the Holy Spirit.  He preached and wrote the truth of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.  Paul’s radical transformation became a testimony of God’s grace and mercy. God could’ve chosen to kill Paul, but instead He saved him and used him.  You see, grace is getting something you don’t deserve, whereas mercy is not getting something you do deserve.  The woman who met Jesus at the well is another example of one who received God’s grace.  He knew her sinful past and offered her forgiveness and life.  She ran away from the scene telling everyone who would listen of Jesus’ forgiveness, and many believed!  When led by the Holy Spirit, be willing to share your story.  God can use it to show others a picture of His grace and mercy in your life and in turn change their lives!

Read:  Acts 9:1-19; 20:24; John 4:6-30, 39-42

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