Time with Him (Series-In the Zone- Week 2)

A healthy lifestyle hinges on wise choices and is affected by maintaining healthy relationships.  To maintain any relationship, there must be time spent with that person and efforts made to keep the relationship thriving.  God has made it clear from the beginning with Adam and Eve that He desires a relationship with us.  The entire Bible is a story of Him making a way for us to relate to Him.  Through Jesus, we have this freedom…to commune with the Father!  Unfortunately, time with Him often becomes a religious duty.  It feels stifling because we feel we have to do it to please Him.  And when we’re unable to make it happen, we feel guilty.  It’s not about how long, or when, or even how it looks.  It’s really about the desire of our hearts when we do spend time with Him.  When our heart genuinely desires to be in His presence, He is pleased.  Don’t become bogged down with a particular formula for prayer and quiet time.  Create your own. 

 Read:  Genesis 3:8-9; Luke 6:12; Psalms 5:3; 55:17

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