Free at Home

My daughter mentioned that her teachers say she’s quiet at school.  I said, “Wow Haley, that’s not how you are at home!”  She replied, “But mom, I’m free at home.”  That is the kind of freedom we have in God’s presence…free to talk openly, free to be who He created us to be, free to feel confident and secure, and free just knowing He’s close.  As His dearly loved children, He wants us to run to Him like we would our mom, dad, or that person with whom we feel the most comfortable.  He’s our faithful heavenly daddy.  We may never have experienced a healthy relationship with our earthly father or mother, but He is trustworthy. And no matter how we are feeling, we can tell Him.  He will not only love us through our emotions, but He’ll intervene on our behalf.  He will bandage and mend our wounds when we’ve been hurt.  We can run into His arms with confidence at any time or place, and He will always welcome us home with open arms.

Read: Romans 8:2; John 8:36; 1:11-13

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