The Wait

Typically, waiting causes anxiety because we want to get moving and take control. Has God ever given you vision or called you to something, but then said, “Wait?” If so, you can relate to Nehemiah. God gave him vision to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, but then made him wait to do it. Nehemiah became frustrated and sad during the wait. He “fasted and prayed,” and God eventually made a way for him to present his idea to the king. Though he was anxious to get started, his time in the wait wasn’t wasted. He became educated and spent time planning so when God finally opened the way for Nehemiah to present his idea, he was prepared. He knew what he would need to complete his project. If God has told you to wait, it may feel like frustrating opposition. Consider: God may want to allow you and others time to prepare before opening the way. In the wait, God’s working behind the scenes. Like Nehemiah, choose to use this waiting time wisely. Be surrendered to God in prayer and spend time doing your homework.

Read: Nehemiah, Chapter 1, 2:1-8

Cove Church devotions by Rivera Douthit for series Path of Least Resistance, Week 2, Day 5

4 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. rebeccaaarup says:

    Oooh! I can’t wait to hear about it when God allows you to speak! I wish i could tell you all that is on my heart, but in His time all will be revealed, right!? I prayed for God to speak to you, and that is an answer to my prayers!! More faith bricks for my house!!!! Whoopee! =)

  2. rebeccaaarup says:

    Exactly what God has been doing in preparing me! And I am having my “meeting” on Wednesday to present my “idea”! Reading your devo just provided me further confirmation….thank you Jesus! And thank YOU friend! Love you!

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      God is good. So sweet of Him to confirm. Praying for your meeting AND for your idea to come to fruition in God’s perfect timing! Interestingly, in answer to my prayers about a similar “idea,” God just spoke to me this past week. I prayed for confirmation. He gave me clear confirmation the next day, and then again the next day. He is SO sweet to hear and respond so quickly to the cry of our hearts. I love Him so!! Love you too Rebecca!

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