Writing Material

I can always count on God to give me writing material. He usually allows me to live the devotions I’m writing. I wasn’t too thrilled to hear this series is about opposition, regrets and struggles. In the last 24 hours, my son burned most of the inside of his right hand on his tractor muffler and was taken to Urgent Care. Then I messed up my song while leading worship. Afterwards, my daughter developed a stomach virus. After taking care of my children all night, I am exhausted. Trying? Yes. But I know God uses trials to purify and strengthen our faith, and to develop perseverance. Through it, we are humbled and made completely dependent on Jesus… Healer, Forgiver, Security, Provider, Peace… Almighty God! With difficulty, I always think, “This could be a lot worse,” or “Rivera, there are people who have worse problems than you do.” So, thank you, Jesus, for this lesson in overcoming opposition. Through it, I’m learning to trust You more and empathize with others’ sufferings.
Cove Church devotions by Rivera Douthit for series Path of Least Resistance, Week 2, Day 4

3 thoughts on “Writing Material

  1. rebeccaaarup says:

    Yes, my response was longer than your devo! Haha, writing “short” anything isn’t really in the cards for me I don’t think… 😉

  2. rebeccaaarup says:

    One thing: just because there is someone else in a worse situation then us doesn’t mean we don’t have every right to pour out our hearts and struggles before our Father. He desires to hear our every complaint (I believe). I know when my baby was sick I also thought “Well, there are a lot of kids out there with cancer..etc so just be grateful…” and then I heard The voice that said “No, don’t wash over your feelings with false piety. Be honest about what you’re feeling, you don’t like seeing your child suffer in any way. No matter how trivial it seems I want you to bring it to ME. Give it to ME, be honest with ME and then you will find your peace.” I find the most comfort in my relationship with Jesus as I can come before Him in complete honesty, no masks, no fronts, just blunt honesty. Let’s face it, He knows my heart already, right? So what good does it do to pretend I’m “ok” with everything (not saying that is what you were doing-that is MY experience!). So, of course these situations give us an opportunity to trust Him more, and that is ultimately what I got out of my daughter’s illness, but I also learned how to be free with Christ about my feelings, totally abandoned and it was a beautiful experience that allowed the level of intimacy I have with HIM to become even deeper and I cherish it all the more! ❤ YOU!!

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      I 100% agree. I believe whether facing battle, opposition, or floating on the clouds with not a care in the world, every single day is an opportunity for me to take ALL that I am to Him…every thought, every care, everything I’m thankful for, every dream or desire, every bill, every sickness, every insecurity, and the list goes on:) He is our Peace regardless of circumstance, when we stay connected to Him in prayer. Unfortunately, when I write devotions for the Cove, I’m limited in how many words I can use;) Thank you for sharing Rebecca!

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