Into Me You See

Words that jump off the page, you know His phrase that grabs you?  For me today, red letters…

 I saw you.

He was speaking to Nathanael the Jew, Philip’s friend.  He struggled with belief. 

Don’t we all?  At least at some point, we question, we worry.  Will He heal, is He listening, does He know my situation, does He care, or does He even know me?  Unbelief plagues.


The Egyptian maidservant, Hagar’s, confession… You are the God who sees me.  

He sent His angel to console.  She witnessed His compassion.  El Roi, God who sees.


She was drawing water from a well in Samaria.   Red letters… You have had five husbands…

I see you… It’s ok, My water will give you eternal life!


These words, poignant reminders, we have intimacy with God of the universe.  Into ME You see…Intimacy.  Yes, He sees.

 His words spring forth truth and comfort…  I see you, Rivera.


I care, I hear, I know about it, I know you, I will heal, I will save, I will comfort, I will provide.

 I love you.


Jew, Egyptian, Samaritan; red, yellow, black, white; big or small…


I Am, and



Associated verses:  John 1:48; Genesis 16:13; John 4

4 thoughts on “Into Me You See

  1. laurie glascock says:

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Sometimes we do get caught up in our circumstances and need to remember HE is the GREAT I AM and HE sees all and knows all our needs. HE is so faithful and I am truly grateful!!! I love you sweet friend 😉

  2. Jo says:

    “Into ME You see…Intimacy.”

    Love it!! Thanks be to God that I don’t have to be anything but me with Him. Even when I don’t like me and it’s uncomfortable. There’s comfort in no facades, no wearing masks and just being greeted where I am, for who I am.

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      YES! That’s it Jo. I love that He loves us for who we are, warts and all:) When we see ourselves as super unloveable, HE sees… and STILL LOVES! Good stuff! Thank you for posting your thoughts 🙂

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