Get Up

Profound little words… and again, not “I love you.”  But aren’t all of His words profound in some way? Yes.


Who got up?  Joseph.  God sent an angel to him in the middle of the night.

I’ve never seen an angel, if I did I’m sure I would be terrified.  But strangely, I have had dreams that I believe were from God.  And I’ve awakened in the middle of the night with the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray.  Neither are really the point though.  The point is God sent the angel to tell Joseph to get up and take his family (Mary and Jesus) to Egypt.  The reason… to escape King Herod’s plans to kill the baby, Jesus.

So… He got up… and did as the angel had said.  Because of Joseph’s obedience, prophecy was fulfilled.

Wow! What could be hinging on our obedience?

Have you ever been stuck… fatigue, fear, depression, anxiety, grief, crying for no apparent reason, or just plain feeling sorry for yourself?  Have you ever wanted to cover your head and stay in bed all day?  I certainly have!   

God has a plan that doesn’t involve any of those.  His plans for us involve life and prospering.  They involve being His hands and feet. 

His words speak volumes.  Get up!   so.. He got up. 

To do anything great for God, we have to be willing to get out of our pit and go when He says go.  We can’t even begin to walk forward until we too… Get up. 

Story found in Matthew 2:13-15

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