Maybe you weren’t aware, but you and I are rich… yes rich.  Maybe you had trouble paying your bills last month and consider yourself poor.  But the truth is if you have a car to drive, you are richer than most people in the world.  If you have books and can read them, you are considered rich.

We live in such a self-absorbed, self-centered world, we lose sight of just how blessed we are.  We have no idea how most people in the world live…most of us are clueless and like it that way. 

I’m reminded of the lyrics to that Toby Mac song.  It says something like,

  “We teach prosperity but the first thing to prosper should be inside of me….  I don’t wanna gain the whole world and lose my soul.”  

If we have Jesus, if the Holy Spirit lives in us, then we already have prosperity.  With Him we prosper regardless of our material possessions.  But God clearly tells us He wants us to open our eyes, take notice and help those less fortunate. 

He wants us to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, set the oppressed (or poor) free and break every yoke, share our food with the hungry, provide the wanderer with shelter, clothe the naked and take care of our own families. 

He says, then we will truly prosper….

our light will break forth like the dawn, and our healing will quickly appear, our righteousness will go before us and the glory of the Lord will be our rear guard.  And when we call on the Lord, He will answer.  When we cry for help, He’ll say ‘Here am I.’

We may not all have the ability to go on expensive foreign missions trips, but most of us can clean our closets and take some of our nicer clothes to the nearest clothes/food shelter.  We can consider others by letting people go before us in line.  What a concept…others first, wow. 

We give to worship… out of a heart filled with the Spirit, a heart yielded to His pours giving… submissiveness, humility, and thankfulness. 

This rich heart worships today with thanksgiving to God for blessings.

~new friends

~new opportunities

~God’s word


~the smell of clean floors

~cooler weather

~his deep voice and gentle touch

~old friends

~God’s protection and healing

~laughter from my children’s bedrooms

~clean water

~the smell of a new Bible (love the smell of new books in general)

~inspiration and clear direction from God

~quietness with God

~worship music

Associated verses- Isaiah 58:6-9


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2 thoughts on “Rich

  1. Rivera Douthit says:

    I hate that you were forced to stop. But thankful you’ll have more time in His presence:) I love you too. Thank you for loving me… and my blog:)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love the message (“hate” that toby mac song though!!!) 😉

    Thanks for sharing your heart. Looks like I’ll have a lot more time to sit, be still, kneel before God, and think about what I can be grateful for! Sometimes God has to stop us because we’re too busy being “busy” for Him! I’d like to think I have a big heart for people and let others go first etc … But I know there is always alot of room for improvement especially in the area of complaining about circumstances! Again..thank you. I love love love your blog. And YOU! ❤

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