He came to preach, heal, and make disciples; then the Bread of Life was broken for our sin. 

Jesus told us…

to love God first with everything that we are, love others as much as we love ourselves, and make disciples. 

If we love Him first, telling others of His goodness will be a natural response. 

Making disciples… 

 demonstrating to others the power of the resurrection of Jesus in our own lives.

 Timothy was a disciple, or student, to Paul, but first they were friends.  Paul guided him in how to lead others in the way of Truth.

No matter where we are in our journey, we are surrounded by Pauls and Timothies…

 friends to glean from, and ones for the pouring forth… for the breaking of Bread.

We bless with words, but more with actions.  After all, isn’t the way we live more effectual than what we say?  Yes.  We are blessed to be the blessing.

As we break bread…and apportion Truth, and our lives display how we are being changed by it, our Timothies and Pauls taste and experience with us that the Lord is good.  

Faith deepens.

Together we savor His goodness.  

As we partake of the Bread that was broken for us, we hunger for others to feast from the same table. 


Related scripture:  Mark 5:18-20; John 6:35-63; 1 Timothy 1:12-19; Psalm 34:8

2 thoughts on “Bread

  1. rebeccaaarup says:

    Soooo true!!!!! I have such a passion for hearts to be released from their burdens and lifted to the freedom of JESUS! Once you taste and see that the Lord is good you want nothing else but only that pure and utter joy for those youlove and those you dont even know! That passion for souls burns deep in me….every where we turn people are in desperate need of LIFE, and we hold the key! Not in our words, but in the LIFE we live and breathe and show day in and day out! Changed hearts will change hearts!

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