Hanging on to the promises in my last two blog entries. 


God is often closer than ever when we don’t necessarily see or feel Him.  When the rains of circumstance come crashing in.  When death sweeps in to remind us it’s as much a part of life as breathing, He’s still there.  His hand has us covered. 


Nothing…not even death can separate us from the unfathomable love of God through Jesus.

I question why, I search for possible answers to life’s toughest questions.  I especially ask why my precious friend Laura had to suffer and then why she had to die so early.  Forty seems too young to me for one to be taken into the arms of Jesus, torn from her son and husband so prematurely.

I ask… I get no clear answers, so I hang on to these promises.. one and two.

I imagine her swimming in heaven as we so recently pondered together.  Laura loved the water, the lake, boating and such.  I imagine her there, with Jesus, wading, happy, and free. 

I know something beautiful will rise out of this, it must.  God never does things without purpose.  He is a God of great purpose and will and kingdom planning.  He was glorified in Laura’s life.  She brought Him glory in her dying, and maybe…

just maybe that’s enough.

4 thoughts on “Laura

  1. Laurie Whin says:

    I have been thinking on this topic of losing a loved one early in their life, because of a statement that came in my current Bible study. As humans, we tend to look at things from the human perspective. Why did this loved one have to leave …so soon? Why are those left behind to live out their lives without this dear one’s presence? We may never understand why, but we can continue to seek His will for our lives after tragedy comes. I have seen the other story- the one who continues to focus only on the pain of the loss. My brother lost his oldest daughter to cancer at age 13. He never could look beyond the pain of his loss and instead of turning to God for direction, he turned to self destruction with alcohol to numb the pain. I was not walking with the Lord at that time, so I always felt powerless to help him out of his pit. Now, I understand the powerful influence that intercessory prayer can make to lead our loved ones to their Savior. Although I always will have remorse that I wasn’t able to help my brother, I am continually thankful that I have the privilege of interceding for others to find our Lord.
    And I praise the Lord that your friend is not gone, but just on the other side of the doorway in eternity, in the arms of our Lord!

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Thank you for interceding and for your heart for Jesus Laurie. Your words minister. Thank you for transparently sharing.

  2. sue uibel says:

    SO sorry, my friend, to hear of your Laura’s homegoing. Just reading this now……It does seem a mystery how someone so young and with so much life ahead would be called home to heaven at this time. But there are definitely some things we’ll never know this side of heaven.

    I’m glad you’re trusting in the promises and the beautiful words you write….so true….NOTHING can separate us from Him or His love for us.

    Love reading your thoughts and blog when I can…..and love your pic…..pretty girl. 🙂


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