Forget Not

We spend time awing over how God intervened on behalf of so many in His word, but we tend to think that was for them… and for then, not now.  How often do we take the time to marvel the wonderful ways He’s intervened in our own lives?

We miss it.  The blessing, it comes and goes, and we don’t see.  If we don’t first see, then how could we ever possibly remember?

David journal-ed and wrote songs to acknowledge the goodness of God.

…forget not all His benefits:

who forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases…

and reading on

Our God redeems, crowns with love and mercy…

renews and executes righteousness and justice.  

He is merciful and gracious.  

He pities, or tenderly regards us.  

He knows and remembers…

YES…We are blessed, we who have a God who is this mindful and good to us!

Writing is a great way to notice and remember.  When you encounter God in an undeniable way, write it down.  Look for things to be thankful for and jot them down.  Later, when you face trials or your faith is shaken, you’ll be able to read back and remember the goodness of God in your life

….forgetting not all His benefits.

Lord forgive us for the sin of our un-gratefulness and spiritual sleepiness.  Open our eyes to see you and ears to hear you.  Wake us up to all Your benefits.  Cultivate in our hearts worship and thanksgiving.  Open our minds to You and Your words.  Make your word come alive to us.  Jolt us awake with Your truth.  Resurrect our decaying, sleepy heads to life…in Christ!

Jesus, You can do immeasurably more than we ask think or imagine.  We can’t wrap our minds around that…You and Your goodness.  As we pen our thanks and our God encounters, may it be a sweet-smelling aroma, as worship.  Transform us by the renewing of our minds…may they be fixed on You and forever changed!  Amen.

List of gratitude….

quiet time with God

quiet room with blue walls


beach house

sweet visit from Daniel…from CA

granny’s doily as reminder of my family heritage

true friends



smell of an old book

my grandpa’s old letters and sermons

written words

fall colors captured by lens

Peet’s coffee

encouraging words

his long morning hugs

From Psalm 103; Ephesians 3:20; Romans 12:2

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