Humble Pie

Only a few days after Thanksgiving and my daughter has politely baked me humble pie.

Yesterday I received an email from Haley’s teacher.

Rivera- I just wanted to tell you how touched I was that Haley brought me that purple shell from your beach trip.  It was truly one of the most thoughtful things any student has ever done! I told everyone at the beginning of the year the story of how my grandmother and I used to search for purple shells and how I still look for them now.  She is so sweet!

I have to confess, I was a proud mama, but I literally knew nothing about Haley’s little act of kindness until after the fact.  She told me after school the day before.

Haley shared last night that she didn’t want to tell me, because she was afraid I wouldn’t let her take it.  She thought since it had a chipped place on it, I would discourage her from taking it, as if it wouldn’t be good enough.  Or, she thought I might think it was a silly idea.

The sad thing is, Haley was probably right.  Maybe, maybe not.  Still, I felt terrible.  I had instilled this fear in my child.  My perfectionist tendencies–which I think I’ve been in denial about–had stifled her to the point of feeling like she had to keep the giving of a little purple shell a secret from me.  Great!

I’m glad this happened!  One, so I could learn a lesson and two, so Haley could receive the joy of watching her teacher’s face light up.

I’ve decided, no matter what I think of an idea, no matter how childish or silly I think it is, I will keep my mouth shut!  Until I can think of something positive and encouraging to say, I won’t say anything!  I will let God filter my mouth, and hopefully my thoughts will follow.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,  And those who love it will eat its fruit.  Proverbs 18:21

14 thoughts on “Humble Pie

  1. fullherlife says:

    Yep, I’ve tasted this same pie a few times too… our children are such beautiful, daily examples aren’t they girl. ~ Love from Maine, Amy

  2. Pamela Healy Nogueira says:

    I love this, Rivera!!! I just went through a similar “humble pie” situation!!! Today at our homeschool co-op, I was venting to some moms about how “over the top” my son can be in the classroom and when giving his weekly presentations. Several times God spoke through moms, reminding me how others have to push their children to even be able to speak and what he has is a special gift. I do get on his case about the theatrics, but today, I shared with him all the wonderful things other moms and tutors said about him.

  3. Lea Mikosz says:

    Awwww….out of the mouth of babes. We do learn so much from our children. They never forget anything! Which they can bring up the good & the bad that we do as parents. But it is the little things in life that really matter . I too am somewhat of a perfectionist and my daughter has probably suffered from it. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Love how God used her to bless her teacher!! And how He used your writing to remind us of an important lesson! Thanks, Rivera.

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