Warning!  I’m fired up!

When I heard about the teen girl (now in her twenties) who was voted “ugliest woman in the world” and plastered on YouTube, I was infuriated!!!  The video of this girl is less than 8 seconds and has over 4 million hits, probably mostly due to human curiosity.  However, some of the comments people left on this site were appalling.  Things like, “You should do yourself and everyone a favor and kill yourself!”

This shouldn’t be, but it is! 

Then there’s the airbrushed, unrealistic beauties covering billboards and store windows.  The larger than life photos of women (well girls really) wearing not much more than a handkerchief saturate our society.  Magazines covered with cleavage are plastered across every magazine rack in the world.  How are the guys in our lives, our sons and husbands in particular, expected to watch television, go to the store or walk through…

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