Yesterday, I ran out of paint in the middle of a painting project.  My excursion to buy more consisted of me going out in mud boots and a hooded sweatshirt.  Well not just that, of course, I was wearing jeans too.  My point is, I was dressed down, way down!  No make-up, ponytail, you get it!

When I stopped to get a drink at a nearby gas station, I was taken back by the number of men there, and how I was apparently the only female at that store at that time.  They stared and gawked as if they had never seen a woman before.  Remember, nothing about the way I was dressed would have caused them to do this!  I hadn’t even gotten out of my car, when one man walked by my window and nearly stopped to peer inside at me.

Really?  Whatever happened to boundaries and giving people their space?  Yuck.  I almost felt violated.

Not even thirty minutes later, I had 3 teen girls–I’m pretty sure they were high on drugs by the way they were driving–nearly hit me at a stop light.  I blew my horn at them just to keep them from hitting me.  They seemed to pay no attention to the fact there were other cars on the road.  For at least a mile, I followed them with them flipping me off and throwing trash out their windows to hit my car.

Now can I just say, my nerves were a little more than on edge at this point?  No let me take that back, if I could’ve, in that moment, I would like to have… Never mind what I would like to have done.  Just use your imagination!  Several things came to mind, but none of them really matter.  I was furious!

Really?  What in the world was going on?

I was overwhelmed with the thought that this is the world we live in!  It’s dark.  People are disrespectful.  We live in a ME-saturated country where we give in to lust and nearly killing people on the road to have our way.  Boundaries don’t matter.  If we want it, we go for it with no regard for who we might hurt.

Then this election last night, wow!  I’m just sad that as a country we’ve clearly picked a moral path, and I’m afraid it’s not God’s path.  I understand people have VERY strong feelings about this stuff, but seriously… marijuana, gay marriage, abortion?


Do people seriously not know any better?  Or are we simply choosing to thumb our noses at God, as if to say, “It doesn’t matter what you think God. Your Word doesn’t matter. We’re gonna do what we want, when we want.  We’ve got this!  We’ll let you know if we get in a bind and need your help.  Be sure, we’ll be on our knees calling out to You when we get ourselves into trouble.  Until then, we’d like to be left alone to do what we want.”

I mean this is, in essence, what we’re saying, right?  How can we expect Him to protect and bless us when we’ve turned our backs on Him?

But here’s what He spoke to me (in Spirit) this morning, as I ranted to Him about how sorry and repentant I am for MY sins, and everyone else’s.  He said, “Everything you’ve seen, I’ve allowed.  I’m still in control.  Trust Me.  IF my people had gotten the man they wanted in office, they wouldn’t have been as likely to trust Me.  The tendency would’ve been for them to put too much of their hope and trust in him to fix their problems!  I need them to trust Me.  I need them on their knees.  I need them to put their hope in Me, not in men!”

Ahhh, makes sense.  You see, God will be glorified regardless of how messed up we are!  One way or another, He will receive glory!  He has to let us fall on our faces, sometimes, so we’ll turn to Him.

Remember back at the gas station with all the men?  Before I got out of my car, I was on the phone with a friend and voiced my disgust.  She politely reminded me that I should pray for them.  Humbling, yes!  Then, she stopped and prayed for me AND for them.  When I opened my eyes, all of the men were gone.  My car was the only one left sitting there. Wow!

Yes, prayer is powerful!  Light pierces darkness!  I hope we’ll continue to remember that people are lost, like sheep with no Shepherd.  Let us not forget the power and importance of loving others, praying for others, and being light in this dark world.  May we continue to remember that man is imperfect, but God is not.  May we always put our hope and trust in Him, the One who has power and authority over life and death, principalities, and all governments and kingdoms.  Through Jesus we have the victory!

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14

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16 thoughts on “Really?

  1. laurabennet says:

    Thanks for sharing! Brokenness in the world abounds more every day it seems. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re all sinners in need of salvation and redemption. I find myself often judging people, or situations without the grace or mercy God has for me. Your post reminded me of this again. Just as you said, I want to remember to pray for people when they are rude or violating or choosing a path that is harmful to themselves and others. Thanks again.

  2. Carol McCall says:

    This post is confirmation of several important things. Trust God. He is sovereign. Pray. I especially loved the paragraph that started with “Yes, prayer is powerful” May we be known by our love. May we be light in the darkness.
    As I’ve reflected over the increase of evil and the decrease of God-honoring values in our land, I’ve been convicted of how seldom I pray fervently about things that aren’t directly touching my life. I do pray often for our nation. But, not so often fervently. That is changing.

  3. Lisa Buchanan says:

    Oh my, once again God has drawn me to you and your post is so timely. As I was praying about the election and how disappointing and discouraging it seemed to be I was reminded of the same thing almost word for word girl! I kept thinking if just a few more people from the same like minded households would have voted the turnout would have been different. And I was reminded like you that He is in control and I believe that we would have relaxed and sat back and maybe not prayed as much for those that don’t agree with us – with God. For those considering abortion, would we keep praying for those lives both the unborn babies and the ones carrying and making that decision? Would we still pray as much for those that are living the homosexual lifestyle? Would we still love them and reach out to them or would we sit back and smirk at the fact that “we won” ? Yes God definitely knows what He is doing and I for one am glad that my Hope has not changed for it is in an Almight and Powerful God who loves me despite my moments of panic while depending on our leaders to protect me.

  4. Sara Johnson says:

    Once again, a very timely post. I know I tell you often, but I love your writing and I always hear something that I have been thinking on when I read your posts. It is so easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed by the darkness of the world, but I am so thankful that I know the One who brings light in every moment. Much love to you, sweet friend !

  5. shecat125 says:

    I have always said that missions begin in our own backyard – but I’ve only encountered those that want to “run to Africa or Japan or New Zealand”. But where are those that get in the ditches here in the US? I made a comment on Tuesday that no matter what – I’m ready to “hit my knees” on Wednesday. So another 4+ years of praying for our country and our leaders. Helping someone by giving handouts and making them rely upon you – is not help – it is slavery and that was outlawed years ago.
    Thank you for such a great message.

  6. la says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the power of prayer!!! Even if things don’t go the way we think they should…our Father knows what is best and we must trust!

  7. Terry Graham says:

    Thanks for the post Rivera! I agree. Just afraid people do not remember what has happened in the past when a nation turned completely away from God….

  8. Pamela Healy Nogueira says:

    Excellent post, Rivera!!! Darkness is all around us!!! That was evident in the election results yesterday. I think our missionaries need to put more effort on the US of A!!! We are a people in need of God!!! Thankfully, there is light in our Lord Jesus Christ!!! I’m sorry you had to be gawked at…that’s the price you pay for being beautiful inside and out!!! ❤

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