Unglued? I Guess You Could Say So!

I waved, trying to give her the parking space.  She didn’t take it.  I saw her drive around to another one.  So I took the parking place that she apparently didn’t want.

Before I got out of my car, I looked up in my rear view mirror and saw her walking behind my car.  She looked right at me and mouthed the word “B****!”

Ahem!  Anyone who knew me then knows that didn’t go over very well!

Let’s just say, I wasn’t led by the Spirit in that moment.  Not to mention, I was about eight months pregnant and on my way to work a 3-11pm shift in the Critical Care Unit at the local hospital.  My nerves were a little on edge to say the least!

I thought, she did NOT just call me that!

I waddled into that famous coffee shop to grab my fancy cup of decaf.  It was loud, busy, and the line was backed up nearly to the door!  My new, unfriendly friend was in line in front of me.

I tapped her on the shoulder and politely asked, “Did you really just call me a B****?  I tried to give you that parking space, and you called me a B****!  Seriously?  Why would you do that?”

I can only imagine what this lady and everyone else–because by now the place was almost silent–must’ve thought!   Something like “Great!  I’ve offended a huge, hormonal,  pregnant woman in scrubs, who could any minute sit on me and do permanent damage!”

She gave me some lame excuse about being a home health nurse and being stressed out.  Then she begrudgingly mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

That wasn’t enough for me.  I was so mad I couldn’t leave it.  I proceeded to tell her that I was a nurse and that I had worked in home health, and that was no excuse for speaking to someone so rudely!

She got her coffee and got out as fast as possible!

What happened next was a little crazy.  The people working there actually thanked me.  They said she was a bully who came in every day demanding, belittling, and being completely rude to the workers.  They said, “We’re so happy somebody finally stood up to her!”

Did I mention my friend, the one I was meeting there for coffee before work, laughed so hard she couldn’t pull it together?  She still reminds me of this story often for a good laugh!

All of this to say, this irritating woman caused ME to come unglued!  Lysa TerKeurst, in her newest book Unglued, honestly shares some of her unhappy, “unglued” moments.  We’ve all experienced them, haven’t we?  That person or situation that just rubs us the wrong way?

I’m giving away Lysa’s book this week.  It’s my 3rd and final Thanksgiving GIVEAWAY!  In her book, Lysa gives us practical steps to resolve conflict and communicate in way that’s pleasing to God.  We could all use that advice, couldn’t we?

GET SIGNED UP TODAY TO WIN! Sign up till 12 noon EST tomorrow (Wednesday)!  Either leave a comment, or Subscribe to this blog!  And HELP me GET THE WORD OUT!  I’ll announce the winner on Thursday’s post!  Thank you!!

DO YOU have a story about coming unglued?  Would love to hear it!

29 thoughts on “Unglued? I Guess You Could Say So!

  1. Betty Cummings says:

    I am one to say I have to Continually ask God to put one hand on my Shoulder and Please keep the other one over my mouth.I have A Disable Unsaved Husband two Daughters that keep trying to run from God. And going through Court for almost five years I was Raising three of My six Grandbabies.The doctors consider me Diasble as well.But God put thsese Precious little Blessings into my Life for A Reason.And Now My home was taken due to the ones that wre leasing it to us were not paying there taxes.So the Aunt which is my Son In-laws Sister took temporary Custody.And She will not let us hear from them or see them.And One Daughter that Praise and Worships Our Savior The youngest of the three.That the other two is highly Jealous of and conflict is always rearing it’s ugly head.I Repent all day long for in my mind I am trying to come unglued.But God is always ther telling me That there is Nothing going to happen today that Me and You My Daughter Can’t handle Together.A Precious Woman of God gave me A Plague that Hangs in My Doorway of my Kitchen that saids:Ain’t Nothing Going to Happen Today that Me and The Lord Can’t Handle Togther.I have His Promises that He goes before Me to Prepare the way.God is Sooooooo Amazing.His Grace and Mercy will See us through.And Mighty Prayer warriors and Teachers like You Woman of God helps us to Keep Standing and keeps us from falling apart when Everything around us is.God Bless you for being A Proverbs 31 Woman of God and for All you do for The Building of God’s Kingdom.Your friend and Sister in Christ.

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Betty, your words bless me so much. THANK YOU!! In sharing your story, you give us all such a lesson of perseverance and trusting God through everything…the good and the bad. Isn’t it wonderful to know and be known by the God over all? The One who hung the stars in the sky knows our names. He loves us! WE are His precious daughters, and He cares about all of our circumstances. With Him, we can do anything. Through Him, we are more than conquerors! I am praying God smooths and straightens the path before you! Praise His name, and blessings to you Betty!!

  2. D says:

    I am ashamed to say that I have had “unglued” moments with my wife and i have said things which have hurt her. Thanks to the Holy Spirit convicting me I now try to put her needs first all the time; I am much more “laid back” and patient and our relationship is so much more intimate both in and out of bed. The spin-off benefit is that I am also much more patient with other people and I am far less “unglued” all around.

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      That’s a good point D! The more patient we are with one another, the easier it is–especially for women–to be intimate with our spouse! The more intimate we are, the more patient. It’s a cycle, but it starts with the help of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for that insight!

  3. Judy says:

    I’m always shocked when someone gets aggressive and angry for no discernible reason. Maybe you opened your offender’s eyes by calling her on it. Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Adrianne says:

    Oh how many times I wish I could tell someone how upset they have made me. I have many unglued moments and others where I count to ten because those moments might cause mental harm to those I love!! Thanks for this post!!

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Counting to ten is a wonderful way to keep from destroying someone with words! It’s time enough to pray, “Lord, help! Please calm me down.” Thank you Adrianne! As always, good to “see” you again:)

  5. Shelly says:

    LOL! You may have felt unglued inside, but I think you handled it pretty well. It seems that you were calm on the outside. Maybe God used you to show her something about herself? I may be wrong here, but it makes me giggle! : )

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Haha! Thank you Shelly. It’s funnier now than it was then, promise! 😉 Of course my friend at coffee with me that day thought it was hilarious in the moment! She’ll never let me live it down, so I figured I’d write about it! Good to “see” you again!

  6. Jan Meek says:

    I proudly consider myself a couponaholic. I am sure that it is a word somewhere. I have a huge box of them and take it very seriously. I am quite thrilled when I save a ton of money using them. I printed several coupons from the internet and they came directly from a certain stores web site. All of the coupons had that stores name on it. I go to that store where sometimes on Saturday’s there is an additional coupon where if you spend $25, you get an additional $5 off. I carefully select my items with my coupons and the retail price would have been around $30 but with using all of my coupons, I would have spent under $7. The cashier rings up my items then starts to scan my coupons (both from the store and the manufacturer) and she is having problems. She finally informs me that I cannot use more than 2 of that stores coupons. I had already read the store’s policy and that is not the rule. She wouldn’t try to help other than say that the machine says that I can’t use it. She said that she could ring it up separately, but that would mean that I couldn’t use my $5 coupon. Like I said, I take it seriously. I said forget it and tell her that I don’t want any of the items and start to leave. As I am at the door, she asks me “Do you want your coupons back?” since I had left them along with the items that she had rung up. I yelled back “NO, if I can’t use your store’s coupons that I downloaded from your website, then what good are they?” I still dread going into that store

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Wow Jan, thank you for your transparency! You made me smile with “I still dread going into that store.” 🙂 I think we’ve all acted out in a way that left us feeling embarrassed and regretful! Thankfully, God still loves us. And if we’re open to listening to Him, it’s those heated moments in the flesh that teach us how to act more gracefully when given a similar opportunity in the future:) We learn grace…sometimes the hard way! THANK YOU for sharing!! Blessings!!

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you, Rivera! As always, your message is thought provoking. It’s also timely. I’m sure most of us can relate to your story — from one perspective or the other, or both! As the holiday shopping season draws near — with notoriously crowded parking lots, insanely long lines at store registers, and anxious shoppers with a million things on their minds — my prayers go out to a group of people who often become invisible targets of our “ungluing” . . . those who work in retail. We sometimes forget that they are real people, with real challenges, who are doing their best to “keep it together” in a world of shoppers gone wild! We may even witness THEIR “ungluing.” A kind word and a smile from us might be the only bright spot in their otherwise crazy, chaotic day. Lord, let me bring that light — YOUR light — into the lives of others . . . no matter what I may be going through! Help me to remember that it’s not all about me and my challenges, my needs and wants, my agenda! In this season of thanksgiving and love, let me give thanks to YOU by showing my love for OTHERS! Amen!

  8. Tina says:

    Sounds like something I would do ( head hung in shame). I turn into a barricuda in parking lot conflicts. The spirit has convicted me time and time again, and I think/ hope I never run into these people I’m ‘sorting out’ in my church foyer. I’ve been called every name imaginable, my family tells me to AVOID parking lots altogether, it’s that bad. It’s like Satan knows that’s an area I just can’t seem to triumph in – and so time and time again, conflicts arise, especially at Wal Mart – to the point, I do avoid going there when possible. Even just last night, I paused for a car to back out so I could park there next, and the driver behind me laid on his horn, over and over – I got the point – get out of his way. I was embarrased and mad, my daughter and I were on a date, and I wanted to jump out of my vehicle, smash his window, grab him by the throat and say “back off!!!” Yeah, not so lady like or Christian. 😦 i don’t think what you did was right, I have done the same thing, and no one has ever responded to the “why?” When i’ve confronted their aggression or rudeness, but even as a Christian I have a hard time harnessing my emotions, so I’m trusting these people that assault us this way are 1 prayer short of a Saved heart. ??

      1. Rivera Douthit says:

        You’re so cute Tina! I love your honesty! If people would just conform to our way of doing things, the world we be a better place, right? 😉 I always try to remember that hurting people hurt people. We never know what has happened to cause a person to be a bully, but there’s surely SOMETHING! If we could just remember to pray for people rather than get mad. Not sure whether what I did was right or not, but hopefully God used it to change her (and me)!! I know He used it to show me that I don’t always need to have the last word or put people in their place:) It’s just not necessary, He’s completely capable of doing that on His own! 😉 Blessings sweet friend. Good to hear from you again:)

  9. Deborah Postlethwait says:

    Love this story. There are truly times when you just can’t help it, you come unglued. Then for me I always tend to regret it afterwards. Thank God for His grace. Love your posts.

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