One Word 2013

One Word

Every year we start with some resolution with goals set to unattainable heights.  Soon we end up defeated by feelings of utter failure.  My suggestion?  Kick the resolutions to the curb.  Let’s make this year about pursuing closeness with God!

A few years ago, Mike Ashcraft, senior pastor at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC launched the One Word campaign.  Instead of resolutions, he encouraged the church to pray about their one word. 

What does this mean?  It’s about praying, allowing God to lead, and choosing a word that God wants to use as a reminder.  It’s a theme that’s for you alone, meant to inspire you throughout your year with God.  This has been so popular over the past few years, Mike wrote a book about it this year!

I’ve participated for the past two years and encouraged my women’s group to join me.  We prayed about it individually, then came together to share our one word.

Two years ago, my word was STEPS.  One foot in front of the other following God, my one word that year hinged on obedience and faith.

This past year my word was GO!  From the moment I spoke it, I don’t think I stopped.  The whole year was filled to the brim, and my word hinged on following, courage, and adventure.

I’m currently praying about my one word for the year 2013.  Would you like to join me?  Maybe it’s a word God’s already placed on your heart, or maybe He’s yet to reveal it to you.  IF you had a word last year, I would love to reminisce with you.  IF you already know your word for this year, we would LOVE to hear about it!

11 thoughts on “One Word 2013

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  2. laurabennet says:

    At our church we take a couple of hours on New Years Eve to prayer for each other. We ask God for his blessing and for his prophetic words for the coming year. It amazes me each year the way God speaks through each of us for the others. It marvelous to see how the prophetic words, pictures and promises come to pass in the coming year! Our resolutions fail, buts God always keeps his word.
    I love this idea of a word for the year also. I think my word this last year would have been REST. I’ve been learning to rest in the greatness of who God is. This year my word will be CONFIDENCE. The Lord is reminding me of my confidence in him and not to throw it away. We’ll see what comes 🙂

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      I love that service you have at your church! The Holy Spirit gift of prophetic words can be so encouraging:)
      And CONFIDENCE, a great word! Let me speak a word over you right now. You are already confident in Jesus’ name! He is your confidence! It’s already taken root and growing as we speak! You are a God-confident woman! Blessings friend!

  3. lauriewhin says:

    My word for this year is speak (although I’m not so finished with last year’s word, yet- so I guess I will have two). The last Beth Moore study I did, she discussed the power of speech. There is much more power to words that we speak, as opposed to our beliefs that we hold solely within us. Speaking the words of God’s truth strengthens our belief in it.

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      I LOVE that Laurie! What we speak is so powerful! When our words speak God’s truth and promise, it brings healing and life! REALLY LOVE THIS ONE! Blessings in this New year my friend!

  4. D says:

    Obey seems to me to be a good word to work on in 2013.
    If only we could all obey God’s word our lives would be so much better. Bad times may still come our way but God would no doubt bring good out of the bad.
    When I obey Paul’s command in Eph 5:25-33 my relationship with my wife is so, so much better. Putting HER needs first all the time makes me realise just how blessed I am having her for my wife. I realise that she is God’s gift to me. By our third or fourth date I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life loving and caring for her and I count it both a joy and a privilege to be her husband. Now close to 40 years later we are more in love than ever. We may both be in our 70s but we feel more like honeymooners (except that we know what we are doing now!).
    Happy New Year to you and your husband, Rivera.

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