Eyes Wide Open To Grace


Love was wooing and convicting.  And in that moment I felt the eyes of the Almighty looking at me.  He called me to come closer.  Dare I come closer?  I certainly didn’t deserve to.  How could a mess like me come closer to Holy?  But that’s what Grace does.  He gives us freely what we clearly don’t deserve.  He invites messes to come closer.                

In bed that night, the bright moon shone through the window.  Emotionally stripped, naked and alone in my shame, I pondered why I had…  (Continue reading).

Please feel free to join me.  I have been given the privilege to guest post at Relevant Women with my friend Reiko Wright.  “Continue reading,” and come on over!

2 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open To Grace

  1. Sara Johnson says:

    You know that every time I read your writing I am convicted and relieved and filled with hope and joy. This was no different. I read with chills and related to those feelings you described. The really cool part was that I had my IPhone on shuffle and Kari Jobe’s “What Love is This ?” came on as I began reading. That was my gift from God…… her words and music intertwined with yours. Grace is my word for 2013 and it is popping up everywhere. I want to learn to accept and live fully in God’s perfect grace and be one who is full of grace to give others.

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      ….mmmm Sara, you ARE “one who is full of grace to give others!” Thank you for sharing this with me. It’s so neat that, even though there were technical difficulties this morning with getting over to Relevant Women to read the rest of the story, the timing was perfect:) When you finally read the whole thing, it was God’s perfect timing for YOU, with music and the whole package;) I love how He loves us so individually!
      You are such a precious friend and encourager in my life. Love you and thank you. You are a words girl. It’s so extra special when one words girl encourages another! 🙂

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