Recovering Hovering Mother


Meet my sweet friend Cindy Krall.  She’s a spunky, gorgeous, South Dakota girl who is teaching women the art of minimizing perspiration and maximizing inspiration.  Enjoy as she shares a little piece of her heart below.  Feel free to visit her at  where you are sure to be encouraged.

I’m a DoAhead Woman. I love to think ahead, plan ahead, and be ahead. One day I’m dreaming of DoAhead Dining tips, another day I’m stoked to find DoAhead Diva tips. Then of course there’s the DoAhead Devo…the treasure that comes from spending time with Him. One earthly treasure he’s given me is “The Darlings”.

My hubby and I have three darlings. If only I could DoAhead in every conceivable way for them. But perhaps there are a few areas in life that are meant to be less purposed and less planned.

Allow me a little sidebar.

Our family is nuts about the 4th of July. (Hard to believe it’s just a month away!) Family gathers, sumptuous meals are held and recreation abounds. The day ends in an “oooh” and “aaaah” inducing display of fireworks.

fireworksRecently, freedom around here has been celebrated in other ways too. “The Darlings” aren’t little children anymore! Our nearly 18-year-old son, 17-year-old daughter and 14 ½ year-old son are growing up fast.

When they were little my husband would tell me I worried too much. But after 7 years of infertility I was determined to be a good steward of the gift God had given us, at least that’s what I told myself.

The term “helicopter parent” was coined to describe those unlucky souls that constantly hover over their kids. I’ve been convicted of late that I do my own share of hovering. My vision (by God’s grace) is to recover from the hover!

Lately it’s a constant plea with the Holy Spirit to help me keep my mouth closed. “Shut up and pray” is a common theme running through my brain these days. I pray for the choices they make, the friends they spend time with, their jobs, their activities…the list could go on and on.

Don’t misunderstand, communication is huge in our house. Our kids could testify to that! But as I become increasingly convicted to talk less and pray more the word I choose to cling to is…T-R-U-S-T.

My children’s freedom continues to expand, consequently so do their opportunities to choose. I too will choose. I choose to keep my DoAheads in perspective, especially as they relate to our kiddos. I choose to trust the great, big God that gave us our darlings in the first place. I trust Him for their care, protection and their futures.

If you are a fellow DoAhead or a DoAhead wannabe let’s recognize right now that some Doaheads need to take a backseat to the greater plan. Sweet friends, that spells freedom for us and freedom for those we love!


Live as free men…” 1 Peter 2:16

 Your DoAhead Friend,


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