Calling Who?

IMG_5062 (3)I spoke a couple of weeks ago for  a Ladies’ Night Out in my home town.  Women encountered Jesus in a fresh way.   Several told me they were leaving six inches off the ground that night. No doubt prayers were answered, as many faithful prayer warriors prayed for every aspect of the evening.  No doubt God did what only He could do!  And all I could do is STAND in awe of Him (remember that’s my One Word for this year).  I’ve continued to be amazed as powerful God stories have filtered in almost daily.

Now for some reason, God is crossing my path with women who’ve shared they are also called to women’s ministry, or they know God’s calling them to speak.  Most of them are in a waiting season and tell me this hesitantly or in frustration.

Let me encourage and be clear, I haven’t arrived nor will I ever, at least not until I reach heaven.  What God has done and is doing in my life hasn’t happened overnight.  I’ve known God wanted to use me in women’s ministry for many years, but I wasn’t sure how that would look. I realize now, my whole life has been preparation for it.  I was surrounded by a mom, aunts, and grandmas who poured into me.  I was surrounded by women at church, school, and then work (as a nurse).  I’ve been a part of women’s ministry for years, unknowingly.

After God let me in on His “calling” for me, I could imagine how I wanted it to look but am the first to admit I wasn’t sure exactly what God wanted.  I listened as He led and confirmed, and I felt completely inadequate to do any of it.

My point is, God didn’t tell me I would do women’s ministry one day then put me on a platform to speak the next.  It’s been a process.  It’s required obedience.

I’ve written when God said write.  I’ve spoken when God said speak.  I’ve listened to women intently over coffee and phone calls.  I’ve lived.  I have a husband and children, stories, experiences, and years that give some credibility with other women.

Over the years, God has encouraged me with a few things that might also encourage you.

–  If God says it, HE will do it.  He who calls is faithful.  Remember, God doesn’t call the equipped, HE equips the called.

–  The wait has purpose.  Waiting is more than likely for preparation, healing, refining, and experiences necessary to carry out the calling.

–  Strategies are great for messages, ministry, and marketing, but none are necessary when God is given control.  Seek God always.  Never enter in without prayer, Holy Spirit guidance and confirmation.

–  Family is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS our first calling.  Seasons change.  This may be a season of motherhood or taking care of aging parents.  Remember, seasons don’t last forever.  Try to enjoy it while you have it.

–  Just because you see someone else, and wish you could do what they do, doesn’t necessarily mean God is calling you to it.  Make sure you hear God clearly and follow Him.  Don’t worry about what others are doing.  Don’t make comparisons and try to be something you’re not.  Figure out how God created you and choose to soar in your strengths.  Fact is, there’s something you have that’s unique to you.  Do it with confidence.

–  Each of our callings are going to look different.  There’s nothing worse than a bladder trying to be a hand in the Body, right?  The church is made of different parts.  You want to be the part you were created to be, so the Body can function at it’s very best.

–  Give God the glory in every failure and success.  Be thankful.  Worship with your life.

–  If you ever think you’ve arrived, you’ve taken a wrong turn.  We never fully arrive until we meet Jesus face to face.

–  Don’t think your calling is something to be obtained, something way out in the future.  Realize you’re in it right now.  You are living it!!  Each day ask, “What do You want from me today Lord?  How can I carry out Your calling in my life today?”

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” ~Romans 8:28

10 thoughts on “Calling Who?

  1. Pamela Healy Nogueira says:

    Thanks for sharing your wise words with us, Rivera!!! You are definitely living out your calling! I often struggle with knowing what God wants me to do. I know the spiritual gifts he’s given me, but sometimes wonder if I am using them in the way He wants me to – or – is that yet to be revealed? I guess I will just keep praying and listening!

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Well Pamela, I don’t claim to know what God is calling you to, but I know you are following Him in your calling to homeschool your children. I’d say that’s pretty big:) You’re probably doing a lot more than you think. But it’s always good to “keep praying and listening.”

  2. Brandi Luiz says:

    Very strong words of encouragement, strength and graciousness. God definitely equips those whom He has called to service for Him. Especially when they are sold out to Him and Him alone.

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