My What If Commencement Speech


I was at the gym on the stair climber watching the captions on the bottom of the television screen.  Oprah was speaking to the graduates of Harvard.  I thought this should be interesting.  Why interesting?  Because I know she has a great deal of influence in this country due to her success,  at least as the world views success.

The highlight from her speech captured her sharing her secret to success.  She said, “If you’re willing to listen—to be guided by that still, small voice, to find out what makes you come alive—you will be more than okay.  You will be happy, successful, and make a difference in the world.”

This seemed a little ambiguous to me.  I wasn’t sure what voice she was talking about.  If we listen to our own voice, we can definitely be led astray.  But if we listen to God’s voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit, we will always be led down the right path.

This got me thinking, if I were asked to give a commencement speech, what would I say to the graduates?

My key points would be something like this.

Life will hit hard at times.  You will plan and do, and 10-20 years from now, it will probably look nothing like you envisioned it.

How’s that for a little inspiration? 😉

Don’t love money.  It’ll rob you of your joy.  Pursuing a career that will make lots of money is tempting, but it’s not worth it if you don’t enjoy the career.

-The sky is the limit.  You could probably become whatever you set your mind to.  You could do just about anything!  I encourage you to ask God who and what HE wants you to become.  Nothing will bring greater joy than being and doing what God wants.  That’s called being in His will.

What makes your heart sing?  What’s your passion?  And I’m not referring to a member of the opposite sex here.  Not that kind of passion.  Whatever you love doing, figure it out, and do it with everything that you are.

-What are your strengths?  How did God create you?  If you’ve never done one, there are free personality AND spiritual gift tests online.  You should do some of these to learn more about what your strengths are and how your were uniquely designed.  God’s plan and direction for your life will, no doubt, line up with your God-given strengths and personality.

Look fear straight in the face and tell it to leave.  Success will require failing, perhaps more than once.  One of the reasons many people never succeed is because they are too afraid they’ll fail trying.  Celebrate when you fail that you are one step closer to success.

Spend less time in Facebook and more time in His book.  Written in the Word of God are the guidelines to health, prosperity, joy, and real success.  His Word holds all the keys.

Pray often.  God wants what HE KNOWS is best for us.  He wants us to soar.  He wants us to enjoy life.  The way to do that is to stick close to Him at all costs.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~Matthew 6:33

There’s a great big world out there.  Be a world changer for the Kingdom in your generation.  Leave a legacy that will last.

Congratulations and God bless!

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