I Normally Don’t Do This

We are spending time away this summer.  Due to travels (and less time for writing), I decided to surprise you with switch-up from the norm. As you know, I’m not one of those moms who posts hundreds of pictures, videos, and stories of my children.  Today is an exception.

Hunter is my 12-year-old introvert, who recently shot straight up and is now–for the first time in his life–taller than his mama.  He recently played guitar and sang for a large audience, which was completely out of his comfort zone.

Though we live in the south now (and I grew up here), we lived in California for so long we don’t speak with particularly strong southern accents.  So, I think it’s adorable he chooses to sing with country, southern twang!

Hope you enjoy the video.  Welcome to my little world.

24 thoughts on “I Normally Don’t Do This

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Ahwww! Thanks Libby! 🙂 Well it took Hunter being on here to finally get you to comment😉 JK! Love you, and thank you for pouring into Hunter. Your words of encouragement as a teacher have helped him soar!

  1. Mary says:

    Mama and Papa must be so proud! Even if I COULD sing (well, that is), I could never have done at the age of 12 (or even 20) what he is doing. He’s on his way to being a superstar for Jesus! God bless you and yours, and enjoy the time away to refresh and reconnect with the family He gave you!! Love and blessings, sweet Sister!

  2. Diane Bowlin says:

    Awesome….Hunter just blessed my heart and reminds me that fruit does not fall far from the tree….I can’t wait to see where our Lord will direct his path. It seems like yesterday that he would barely say hello and now he is coming on strong! Amen! Travel safe!

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