More Than A Chick-fil-A Sandwich


She wiped down the countertop. Organizing straws and napkins, she said, “I like your shirt.  I wish I could wear something like that.”

I smiled and asked, “Why can’t you?”

She said, “That would be pushing it, especially here at work.”

I was wearing a black, short-sleeve sweater.  Honestly, there was nothing outstanding about this baggy, see-through sweater.  I wore a black tank underneath, so it was modest enough. There was no reason why this sweet, middle-aged woman working at Chick-fil-A couldn’t wear a sweater like mine to work.

I encouraged her, “You’re wearing a nice shirt.”

She said, “Well yours is just so cute and feminine.”

I said, “Thank you.”  Knowing this was about more than the color of our outfits, and to make a point about perspective, I responded, “Well the way I see it, the shirt you’re wearing is quite feminine.  Yours may be even more feminine than mine.  It’s pink with beadwork around the top.  See?”  I pointed to the top of her shirt.  She smiled, but past the color pink in her shirt, I saw disbelief in her eyes.  I went on and said, “You are beautiful!”

She continued, “Well thank you, but I certainly wasn’t fishing for that compliment.”

Grinning, I piped back, “I know. That’s why I gave it.”

Hesitantly, she said, “I think maybe I could use a large dose of self-confidence.”

Leaning around to see her name tag, I asked with a smile, “What’s your name?  I’m going to pray for that specifically for you.” Pointing to her tag, she told me her name and thanked me.

As we were finishing up our lunch, the friend I was with excused herself to the restroom. Meanwhile, I went to ask for drink refills. My new friend bee lined straight over to speak to me while I waited for our drinks.  I was amazed when she asked, “Have you always been confident, or has it been a process for you?”

I thought, wow Lord!  This is crazy!  Obviously You are opening this conversation up again.  What would you have me say to her?

Immediately these words poured out, “If you want the honest truth, my confidence comes from my relationship with God. I’m confident about who I am, because there’s no doubt in my mind Who I belong to!”

She said, “Well I would consider myself a Christian. I read my Bible and pray.”

Emphatically, I responded, “Wonderful!  Then God wants you to really get it.  He wants you to know you are His beyond your head.  God wants it to transfer from your head to your heart!  Then He wants it to sink down even further, past your heart and deep into your soul.”  I asked her, “Would you consider God the King above all earthly kings?”  She nodded yes.  I went on, “Ok then, if you are a daughter of the King of all Kings, you are royalty!  It’s plain and simple, royalty walks with confidence. Let that sink in.”

I could see her processing what God had just spoken to her through those words. “Thank you,” she said smiling, as she turned and walked away.

The girl at the register turned around with a huge grin, as if to say without saying, “Yes!!!!”

I stopped in to chat with my friend over a quick lunch.  I was clueless that God had ordered up some southern, sweet tea and a side of confidence-building conversation with this lovable Chick-fil-A waitress.  What a gift!

26 thoughts on “More Than A Chick-fil-A Sandwich

  1. Diane Bowlin says:

    It is amazing to know that our God arranged this encounter and used you as an instrument for His glory….God does indeed show up even at Chick’fil A….thanks for reminding me there is no such thing as coincidence… Di

  2. Denise Kelly says:

    Lovely, Rivera! Those times that I get to share even an ounce of His love, with a total stranger, are my favorite! I love your beautiful spirit!

  3. Tracey Rogers says:

    Love that you shared this because its a great reminder that our God IS with us all day; and In us; we just need to allow Him to lead and live through us. What a different outcome it could have been if you were leading that day … could have missed an amazing opportunity to love up on another sister in christ … LOVE IT !

  4. Mary says:

    A gift indeed! In our limited ability to see “all,” we often forget that, when we give ourselves over to His care and control, God directs our steps and shows us how to express His love to the people He puts on our path — even people we’ve never met and may only know for a few brief moments. What may seem random… a mere “coincidence”…is all part of a carefully orchestrated plan to draw us nearer to Him and to others so that He might teach us HIS Truth! The gift is not only in what God gave you and her in those moments but also in the heart He gave you for sharing your “God” moments with everyone here! Thank you for your heart, Rivera… it is a gift to us all! I love you!!!

  5. lea mikosz says:

    I love your response and your heart to notice others that God has placed in front of you. You never know what a day may bring. Let His light continue to shine through you ! Miss you

  6. Pamela Healy Nogueira says:

    Oh, Rivera!!! I LOVE this!!! It amazes me how God uses you ALL the time!!! I know it’s because you’re open to Him ALL the time!!! Still hoping to have an ounce of your God-Obedience and the confidence that comes from it!!! You’re beautiful, too, inside and out! Love ya!!!

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