A Tat, A Prayer, And Some Bling


Entering in with prayer and musical worship, we hosted God’s presence in the streets of my hometown. Gathered with incredible friends, we blessed people in downtown by giving away bottles of water, granola bars, prayers, and hugs for anyone in need.

The boisterous woman on the sidewalk commanded my attention. Her loud, distinct laughter was echoing in my direction. I was concentrating on praying over someone else at the time and couldn’t help but be slightly distracted. Her speaking voice was even louder than her laughter.

Finally moving in her direction, we talked, and she shared some of her heaviest burdens. I asked if it would be okay if we prayed over her. Laying her belongings down, she said, “Absolutely! I would love that!”

While praying, I felt God nudge me to remind her how much He loves and delights in her.  I asked Him specifically to reveal Himself to her throughout the remainder of that day, to open her spiritual eyes to see and stand in awe of Him.

When we opened our eyes, she couldn’t stop thanking us.  So excited, with rising volume and a huge smile, she said, “This was so awesome! This has been such an amazing day! Where else can you come out of a tattoo shop and get prayed over all in the same day? I mean, it just can’t get any better than this. I can’t believe it!” I couldn’t help but chuckle. Her authenticity was refreshing.

She began explaining, “I’ve had this old tattoo on my leg for a long time. I went in the tattoo parlor, because I keep losing my wedding bands. I’ve lost several. I feel bad to have to keep buying new ones, so I went in today to see about getting a ring tattooed on my finger.”

Ring? Did she just say ring? Over the next few seconds, my conversation with God that morning rushed back to memory. As I was getting ready and putting on my jewelry, I wanted to wear a fancier ring, but I felt God say no. He was specific with me about wearing my stainless steel, cigar band with one clear stone in it. In my spirit, I felt like He was saying I would give it to someone that day. Until this moment, I had forgotten.

As she told her story, it all rushed back, and I asked God if He wanted me to give her the ring. Then I thought, she’s a little thicker than I am. My fingers are long and thin. I can’t imagine it fitting her. God said, “Put the ring on her finger.” I took her hand and slid it on. It fit her as if it was made special for her… perfect!

She gasped, backed up and said, “I can’t take this.”

I said, “Of course you can. You have to.  You might think I’m crazy, but God told me to wear it this morning . He said I would give it away. When you were talking about losing your ring, I asked Him if you were the one. He told me to put it on your ring finger. I did, and look how well it fits you.”

She said, “Well, I can’t deny that.  It does fit me perfectly.”

I encouraged her, “This ring belongs to you. When you wear it, remember just how much God loves you.  You’re His treasure.  He takes note of the details in our lives.  He cares about the smallest needs and delights to delight in us.  Notice how quickly He answered our prayer that He would reveal Himself to you today?  Amazing.”

She said, “Wow. It just keeps getting better. I can’t believe this! I’m never taking this off. I can’t wait to get home to tell my husband.”

To capture how well the ring fit, she put her hand on top of mine, and I took a picture. Then she left with a huge smile and a skip in her step.  God had done it again. I LOVE how He shows off.

8 thoughts on “A Tat, A Prayer, And Some Bling

  1. lauriewhin says:

    Wow! Fantastic story of His faithfulness in answering prayer. And awesome account of what He can do when we listen for His voice. Thank you for sharing this. He has been answering some prayers for me recently with amazing swiftness, and I can only be in awe of His amazing love! Our God is so good!!!

  2. Brandi Luiz says:

    Wow! We have just started a series on Listening to the Lord, and Hearing what He is saying to us. This is a great example!
    Thank you for sharing!

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