A Sign Of Delight

sexy girl sign

Yes I considered that he might be buttering me up, and no doubt, it probably worked. But I thought it was sweet that he took time to draw big, red letters and color them in. His choice of wording was lovely. I thought, He still sees me as his “girl!” When I pulled into the driveway facing my husband’s office window, it greeted me. The sign may as well have been neon, and it read “Hi sexy girl.” I thought, how sweet! He still sees the girl he met in her early twenties, not the one who has graduated to the forties club with a few wrinkles, sagging skin around her–aheeem–eyes, and a few more “stories” than she had back then.

I marveled, Wow, he still sees me as beautiful!!  “For out the abundance of his heart his mouth had spoken,” well, his pen had written.  “Sexy” was his word choice, but I felt beautiful nonetheless. I had obviously been on his heart and mind.  No wonder this man is my best friend!

Isn’t it nice to be delighted in by our husbands? After all, that’s what every girl wants. She wants to know she’s his one and only.  She wants to know, when she’s away from him, she’s on his mind.

I remember before we had children, there was a commercial of a daddy and his smaller children. When the mom walked into the room, one of the children asked, “Daddy, why is mommy so pretty?” The man in the commercial looked at his wife and smiled.
My husband always loved that commercial. Even before we had children, he would hug me with a smile and say, “That’s what our kids are going to say about their momma!”

Guys (if you’re reading), simple comments like that can make the biggest difference. They can bring a grown woman to good tears. They can cause her to want to do pretty much anything for that man of hers.

Words are powerful, aren’t they?

If the words of the men in our lives have that much power to encourage and change our attitudes, how much more do God’s words carry the weight to change us and move us toward love?

God delights in us and has a Word for us every single day, if we’ll take the time to listen.
My husband was intentional about making that sign to show me how he felt toward me. God may not literally leave signs in office windows (or maybe He does), but He is intentional in His pursuit of us. He gives sunrises, friends, sunsets, words, seashells, hugs, songs, smiles and even parking spaces. He wants us, but we have to be intentional too. He is a gentleman. He will not force us to acknowledge or spend time with Him.

Like my husband, God doesn’t care how old I get or how many “stories” I have. I’m still His girl, and if I ask, He’s quick to love and forgive no matter what!

Talk to Him and get in His Word. He’ll show Himself. If we ask, He’ll make His words for us come alive. We’ll begin to see Him all around–all in our business–and get to experience how it feels to have the God of the universe doting on us.

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

7 thoughts on “A Sign Of Delight

  1. GodGirl says:

    So true… it’s wonderful to feel pursued and appreciated in that way isn’t it… and you really got me thinking about God’s pursuit of me, and His intentional love, which is also gentlemanly and patient. Lovely post!

  2. tammy says:

    Men enjoy your wife and make her feel loved like she should. wish my husband felt like this toward me. maybe one day he will realize. have a great day.

  3. D says:

    We are both in our 70s and to me my wife is still the most beautiful woman in the world and of course the nicest woman in the world. By the way, I DO tell her this frequently and particularly if she is feeling a bit down..

  4. blessedaaron08 says:

    I really enjoyed this story. I loved the analogies that amplified relativity to God’S character. Thank you for being creative and in love with Abba. I appreciate your willingness to share your marriage experiences as well, I do intend to coin that moment and share it with my queen and best friend.

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