Blue Lights And A Sinking Stomach

Blue lights

Blue lights were flashing when I looked up in my rearview mirror. My stomach sank to my feet.  I slowly pulled off to the side of the road. The state trooper, with a serious look on his face, asked, “Ma’am, did you realize you were speeding through a school zone?”

With a knot in my throat, I answered, “No, to be honest, I didn’t.”

He continued, “What were you thinking?”

I replied, “To be completely honest, I wasn’t. I was distracted by my children fighting. I was busy preaching to them about their behavior as we came through the school zone.”

“Well ma’am that’s no reason to speed. You were doing well over the speed limit,” he insisted.

“I understand,” I said.

He asked, “Did you see the guard in the middle of the road directing traffic?”

I explained, “Yes, I saw him. But I didn’t notice him trying to stop me. He didn’t have a stop sign up when I passed, did he?”

Sternly, he went on, “No ma’am. He did not have a stop sign up. I just wondered if you noticed him in the middle of the road.”

Politely and to the point, I said, “Yes sir, I did.” After giving him my license and registration, he went back to his car to do paperwork. My children didn’t move. I’m not even sure they were breathing.

I was so humiliated to see my uncle drive by, while I sat there waiting.  I was busted.  Frustrated with the situation, I began to pray out loud, “Lord Jesus, rescue me. Let this be a lesson for all of us. You are my Deliverer. I do not need these points on my license. You know we can’t afford for our insurance to go up, much less this ticket. Please intervene to change this man’s heart toward me and the situation. Please don’t let him give me a ticket.”

Soon the policeman returned to my window with the question, “Ma’am, do you realize how much the fine is for speeding through a school zone?” I nodded no, and he continued, “It’s $490. He asked, “From now on, do you think you can remember to slow down when you’re in a school zone?”

I nodded yes. He peered around into the backseat and into the passenger seat and said, “Kids, stop distracting your mama while she’s driving.” Handing me my license and registration, he said, “Have a nice day ma’am.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, while Hunter and Haley apologized all the way to the allergy doctor.

We all stood in awe of God and how quickly He intervened to change attitudes and the outcome.  Not getting what I deserved, the trooper didn’t even write a warning ticket!  I praised, “Thank you Jesus!  You ARE faithful!  God over all nations, kings, authorities, principalities, and individual circumstances!  Thank you for hearing my prayer and so quickly moving in that man’s heart.”

Isn’t that the way it is with Mercy, not giving us what we clearly deserve?

Never underestimate the power of praying with belief in the Name above all other names– JESUS!  He is gracious and merciful, eager to save.


12 thoughts on “Blue Lights And A Sinking Stomach

  1. natasha alford says:

    Sooooo yesterday I saw the subject line of this post in my email and didn’t have a chance to read the post, but remembered the subject line of “Blue lights and a sinking stomach”….yesterday afternoon I went to pick up my hubby from work on the same route I always take. As I drove the route, I began to see blue lights in the rear view mirror in a distance and immediately I began to feel the “sinking stomach” feeling I remembered seeing briefly in my email from Rivera of her post…..but to add to that, my heart also felt as though it was taking slower, tougher beats…Then I looked a little closer in the mirror to realize he was pulling over another car and I had been doing the speed limit after all. I immediately thought, sinking stomach and heart beat changes all just for a “false alarm”! However, I again remembered seeing the title of Rivera’s post and promised myself to take time to read it and I thought in the car yesterday that in life, I feel like I’ve had many “false alarms” that I may not have had enough faith that God would see me through…Yesterday was a great lesson on building my faith and trusting God before the panic of anything in our lives. Reading this post today backs up my thoughts on this yesterday…thank you Rivera for another great read my friend!

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      Ahwww Natasha, thank you for sharing your story. God is so good, all the time. I agree, there are a lot of “false alarms” in this life. Perhaps they are tests of our faith. But no matter how our faith falters, God’s faithfulness remains. Thank you for your words of encouragement friend:)

  2. D says:

    When I had a heart attack, almost 9 years ago, as I was being loaded onto a stretcher outside our front door I prayed, “Lord you have said in your word ‘cast all your burdens on me’ well I am having a heart attack and cannot deal with the stress, Lord, you look after it” Immediately all the stress left me, I relaxed and all worries disappeared and I knew that God would take care of me.

  3. Mary says:

    What a SOUR pickle we’d be in if we all got just what we deserved! Praise God for His mercies, which are new every morning and wondrous to behold!! Your post clearly underscores the power of prayer. We don’t always see God’s answer as quickly as you did in this case; and our prayers aren’t always answered as we might hope… but He IS faithful to those who have faith, and we can trust that His purposes and plans are always perfect!! ‘SO glad things worked out so well for you and your family!! God is GOOD!! Love and hugs…!!

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