8 thoughts on “Snow Day at the Douthit’s

  1. laurabennet says:

    I appreciate you sharing what winter is truly about in the rest of the country when we here on the California coast are basking in sun with token rain. Cold, at 60 degrees but not by your snow standards. I don’t miss the shoveling, sliding on roads and breaking the horse’s water, but I do think of the lovely still white blanket that renews a dying world. Thank you!

  2. Teresa Morris says:

    Love the video Rivera, brings back memories of Gwennelle. She loved snow days and we all had to put on our layers of clothing and plastic bags over our tripled socked feet then stuffed into whatever shoes our boots, grab the… what ever we could find..rather it be a cardbord box, a metal trash lid, a plastic pan or a the neighbors sled. Shoot there may have even been a shovel ridden.. These Morris’ was was going down the hill on something, these crazy nuts would ridden each others back if we could.. Terry shared with me this weekend.. Mama would say, “Don’t stare out the window it will stop snowing” Thanks for the memories..

    1. Rivera Douthit says:

      I love this!! Thank you for sharing Teresa! I always loved Gwennelle. She was such a fun person and greatly missed to this day! I mailed the books Wednesday. You’ll have to let me know when you get the package!:)

  3. D says:

    From where we live we can see the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, about 80 miles away to the south. I like to see the snow capped tops and that is as close I want to get to snow, thank you very much!

    Your deck railings look very similar to ours, by the way.

    While today is Valentine’s Day my wife and I do not make it very special because we are each others Valentine 365 days a year and every day together is special.

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