Thoughts and Thank You


Completely relaxed on the couch in a room surrounded with other lovely furnishings (the Bridal room I believe it was called), I held Carole’s hand.  A bit jet lagged, we anticipated the night with some of the most lovely ladies in Texas!  She was feeling under the weather, so we prayed.  Prayers turned to praise. Then words of praise turned to singing.  With our free hands held high we sang… “God I look to you, I won’t be overwhelmed.  Give me vision to see things like You do. God I look to You, You’re where my help comes from.  Give me wisdom to know just what to do.  I will love you Lord my strength.  I will love You Lord my Shield.  I will love You Lord my Rock.  Forever all my days, I will love You God.”

You see, up to this point we had undergone major obstacles (spiritual warfare) to get to that couch with hands held high.  But finally we were there and God had a plan. He’s bigger than our obstacles.  We didn’t know what the night would hold, but we knew God.  We knew HIS faithfulness, and we chose to depend on it.  Both of us went into that night loosely prepared.  Oh we had spent hours trying to BE prepared.  But God wanted us to completely depend on Him.  He wanted us to follow Holy Spirit’s leading.

The message I had prepared in advance changed an hour or so before the event.  Some of what I said that night was not in my notes at all.  Carole’s song set changed as well.  She led worship as God led her. With prophetic singing, she led with songs straight from God’s heart.

As I’ve reminisced over our time together, I’m reminded of the beauty of our welcome.  When we arrived midday, many were decorating.  So many ladies stopped what they were doing to exchange hugs and warm words of welcome.  We were so blessed by Texas hospitality.  We loved walking around the room to mingle before dinner.  Admiring the beauty of the tables, I was reminded of the creativity of God. Made in His image, our creative abilities and gifts are a reflection of Him. These women rocked their creative side that night.  Those tables were stunning!

The room was gorgeous. The venue was an absolute gift from God!  Looking around that room to see all of the beautiful faces was priceless.  I have to admit though, the most wonderful part of the night was seeing Jesus.  He was ever so present.  As our “stuff” was carried to Jesus’ feet on those paper hearts (ones cut out by the church preschoolers that very day), my heart smiled.  I know that moment pleased the heart of our heavenly Daddy.  His girls were trusting Him with their hearts.  Then the moment none of us will forget, moved by Love Himself, 6 or so ladies prayed to ask Jesus to be their Savior.  Oh what a celebration in our hearts and in heaven over those ladies’ new life with Him.

Our God of Impossibles–JESUS–made a night that seemed almost impossible at times TOTALLY possible!  He made it MORE THAN possible.  He made it glorious!

(To the ladies at the Texas event)

Have you thought about that night?  Have you had time to chew on it?  What thoughts come to your mind?  What impossible thing is God making possible in your life right now?  How are you trusting Him for greater in this season?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful night!  I pray blessings over each of you and every. single. thing. you set your hand to do.  I feel like I left Texas with a mass of brand new sisters and friends for a lifetime.

Much love to you all…

Below is a video my daughter helped me put together of that night as a gift to you Texas ladies! Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Thoughts and Thank You

  1. Mary says:

    What else is there to say but “God is good, so good, SO GOOD… all the time!!!” Clearly, you and Carole were blessed, but through you, so many more were blessed as well! And what an AWESOME idea, this Feast of Tables… each one so inspired and care-fully orchestrated… every one a winner! And now I know that your own creative genius has been passed down to your daughter… what a GREAT video the two of you put together 🙂 Love and blessings to you and yours…

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