A Little Poem I Wrote


I’m not much on writing poetry, especially rhyming.  I just ran across this in my journal.  Written early on a Fall morning in 2008, my love for Isaiah 61 came through in an attempt to un-scramble thoughts and words to God. 

To Live is Christ

This lavish love knows no bounds, freedom filling my heart resounds, a song…of Christ, what loving kindness! Heaven bound this world behind us.

No death or sin  just perfect love, we’ll know as we are known.  We’ll marvel at the captives set free by seeds sacrificially sewn.

Your splendor there none can compare with human eyes to see.  A graceful river of healing water, Your beauty is reflected in me.

In my Spirit-filled friends the same is true… Grace, Splendor, Beauty…reflections of You.

We walk hand in hand with this pure Love, our heart’s desire is Your glory and fame.  We’re Your hands and feet in darkness;  reflecting Your light to the glory of Your name.

Oaks of righteousness planted by You, reflections of Your splendor. Eager to carry Your message of truth,  a swiftly rushing river.

Give us this day our daily bread,  Your will be done in our lives!  We desire to know You more with ever-increasing glory, so close we see ourselves in Your eyes.

Beautiful Savior, Jesus, Son of God, thank you doesn’t seem enough. As long as I live I promise to share the message of Your sacrificial Love!

6 thoughts on “A Little Poem I Wrote

  1. Mary says:

    I agree with Pamela… Even as I soaked up the song of your heart, I was trying to imagine the tune you would put with it and the golden gift of your voice blessing all who hear…!! Love you!!

  2. Allison Allran says:

    Wow – beautiful – keep sharing your words ! What an anointing he has placed upon you — john 21 : 15-17 do you love me – “FEED MY SHEEP” – keep feeding ❤

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