Winner of the Friendship Giveaway

I struggle with giveaways, because as much as I love giving to the winner, I want everybody to win.  There could only be ONE winner.  I prayed God would have me (actually my husband) draw out the person’s name He wanted to have this one.

winner is...


(((((( MANDY DEVINE ))))))


I wanted to give every single person who signed up for this giveaway one of my books, (but at this point I can’t afford to do that). SO I decided to make EVERYONE A WINNER by making SIGNED copies of my book “Intimacy” available at a DISCOUNTED rate for the next 3 days. THEY WILL BE $5 OFF. The price you will see on the website will include shipping.  THIS OFFER will end MONDAY, APRIL 14th @ 7pm EST.  

**Mandy, would you contact me via email at to let me know who you’d like your second book personalized to, OR if you just want me to simply sign it? I’ll also need your mailing address.  Thank you.

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