Mountain Music {Hunter Douthit Style}

Hunter Douthit

My little boy isn’t so little anymore.  At 6 ft tall, my thirteen-year-old towers over his mama. I can’t believe it!  If you have babies, hurry and enjoy them.  Soon you’ll be looking up at them asking yourself where the time went so quickly.

Apart from mentioning them occasionally in my writing, I typically I won’t post a lot about my children personally.  I’m so proud of my Hunter-man for stepping out of his comfort zone to play for Ms. Libby’s music recital each year.  Many of you know he has always been a bit of an introvert. He takes guitar lessons and sings (which isn’t required) as he plays for his recital.  Hope you enjoy this year’s video.  Here’s my boy doing it country!


9 thoughts on “Mountain Music {Hunter Douthit Style}

  1. Audrey Malloy says:

    Awe i loved it!!!…. 👏Awesome job Hunter!!!.,, God gifted and musically talented like his momma!!.
    Big things to come from your lil-big guy😉
    Thanks for sharing Rivera~XO

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