FBI or Vote

American FlagAnyone who knows me knows I prefer to stay silent about my views on American government and politics. I really dislike politics in general because of the division it causes. Unfortunately, where there are people there are politics.

I’ve stayed silent too long.

This election is not a popularity contest. It should not matter if we have always been Democratic or Republican. At this point, what does matter is what these candidates stand for.

If you are a woman voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, please wake up. Is she a woman with your values? Do you really want her representing you as a woman?

Let’s face it, she has been under criminal investigation by the FBI for basically selling us out as a country. She’s behind the scenes making friends with countries she doesn’t need to be friends with, for no apparent reason except money. I don’t believe Hillary Clinton has America in her best interest.  It sounds like her wallet may be more important to her than our country.

Now I realize the same could be said about Donald Trump and his wallet, but he’s not the one whose been being investigated.

If one of us had done what she has done, we would either be in prison or fired from our jobs, at a minimum. We wouldn’t be allowed to greet at a department store, if we had a criminal record or were under investigation.

We are allowing a woman who is in question with the FBI to run for the office of, and potentially become, the next President of our beloved country. The fact that they ever felt the need to investigate her is crazy. Even crazier, she somehow gets away with it. This goes against everything we believe as Americans, and should be against the law. Where is the justice in this? We have no choice but to stand up.

Would Donald Trump be my first choice if there were other options? Perhaps not. But in the situation we find ourselves, he’s the only option. Honestly voting independent in this election is basically choosing to throw your vote out. Do I believe he’s the answer to all of our problems? No. But I do believe Donald Trump has been surrounded by some wise counsel, a few people who will speak truth when needed. I don’t believe this of the other candidate.

We have to get out and vote. If you haven’t voted yet, please do. Not voting is a copout. Most people who aren’t voting are saying they don’t want to be responsible if later on they end up hating the person they voted for.  What’s funny about that is, if you don’t vote, you’ll still be responsible.  One way or the other, we all have responsibility in this.

We are being called to action this very minute.

If freedom is of any value, we must not let a person whose suspicious to the FBI be put in office to make major decisions for our country.  This will affect our children and theirs, if we do. As with any other choice we make, there will be consequences. In this case, the consequences will not be good.

I’m not trying to stir the pot or upset everyone here. I just can’t stay silent. This is not how we roll as Americans.  Again, this isn’t about popularity or being Democrat or Republican. This is about ONE NATION…UNDER GOD…UNDIVIDED…with FREEDOM… and JUSTICE… for ALL.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

3 thoughts on “FBI or Vote

  1. Mary says:

    Rivera, I applaud your courage and your convictions, and I THANK YOU for speaking up!

    Maybe it’s just that I’m more concerned and politically aware than I’ve ever been, but I can’t recall any election before this one where there was more name calling and hate mongering — not only toward the candidates, but also toward the electorate. Those who speak out risk offending others or being offended themselves. Either way, the potential for pain is apparent. But this pain might feel small in comparison to the pain we’ll no doubt feel if our next President continues the policies that have already torn this great country apart.

    I never thought I’d see the things that are now almost “routine” news events. The America I grew up in seems to have vanished. We were never a “perfect” nation, but it did SEEM that we were moving (even if all too slowly at times) in the right direction. But “progress” (i.e., the progressive movement) seems to have taken on a new definition these days. I hate to think of how much worse things can get, but I know that it can and it will under the wrong leader. I think Nikki Haley (governor of SC) said it best:

    “This election has really turned my stomach upside down. It has been embarrassing for both parties. It’s not something the country deserves, but it’s what we’ve got. Having said that, I will tell you, this is no longer a choice for me on personalities because I’m not a fan of either one. What it is about is policy… When I look at all of those, I come back to say that the best person based on the policies and dealing with things like Obamacare, still is Donald Trump. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy vote, but it does mean that I’m watching out for the people of South Carolina, and I’m watching out for the people of this country. That’s who I will be voting for.”

    I agree… it’s about policy; it’s also about who will appoint the next Supreme Court justices and the decisions they are likely to make which will stand for decades to come; it’s about the beliefs and freedoms this country was founded upon which are eroding before our eyes; and it’s about the well-being of our country and its citizens, as well as the future we have as a nation (indeed, whether we remain a nation at all).

    We’ll know the outcome of this election soon enough, and the only thing I can predict with any certainty is that we need (and will continue to need) God’s divine mercy and grace now more than ever. We (as individuals, as a nation, as a world) can’t earn it and don’t deserve it, but I pray for His presence and His peace to manifest among us.

    May God be with you, my sweet Sister in Christ… may He be with us all!! (And please forgive me for such a long reply post… 🙂 )

  2. Hannah says:

    There actually ARE other options besides these two…. If we stop playing these parties’ games and vote for the people whose values most closely resemble ours (whether we believe they have a legitimate chance or not), we would win…. Which is why I’m voting Independent!

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