Expect The Unexpected

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From thunderclaps mid-sentence to pouring rain under starry night skies–in the middle of fireworks shows,–God has been getting my attention.

While we were watching fireworks on the beach this July 4, suddenly it started pouring rain. Looking around to see if a rain cloud had blown in, I saw nothing but thin clouds overhead. The clouds scattered through the starry sky didn’t seem capable of producing that kind of heavy rain. In a few short minutes it passed over, but we were drenched nonetheless.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I was meeting with a friend outside a coffee shop. As we began praying, it started raining but the sun was shining. Later during that same meeting, the rain had stopped. I spoke what I felt God was saying. Literally as the words left my lips, thunder clapped so loud my friend and I both jumped. She looked at me in amazement and through laughter she said, “Well, I think that’s your answer.” This was the only time it thundered during our time together, and notably the sun shone the entire time.

The Lord highlighted to me that He’s going to drench us with rains of His presence when we least expect it. At the most unlikely time, He’s going to pour out the rains of His blessings over your life. You will see His promises for your life unfolding in unexpected, creative ways. When this happens, get ready! What will happen as a result will be explosive. Like those fireworks it will be beautiful and thunderous. There will be reason to celebrate as the explosions of His presence bring the abundance of rain.

A LION is Roaring


Also during one of my times with God in the past few months, He showed me a picture of a lion roaring. This roar caused all kinds of creatures to scatter. Then I saw a woman riding on the back of the lion. He was taking her where she needed to go. She wasn’t worried. With her head buried in his mane, she was at rest. She was marked by complete trust in this enormous creature.

God was showing me a picture of many in the past season, in particular over the last year, have been pushed back, beaten down, silenced, and drug through intense battle. In that scene as the Lion roared, I felt the recompense and justice of God for His children who have been silenced and pushed back by the enemy. He was saying… Enough is enough. No more. Rest in Me. I’ll defend you. I’ll scatter your enemies and take you safely to your destination. Hide your face in Me. Trust. No more striving, fretting, or living in fear. I’ve got you. I’ve got all of this.

What the enemy thought he was doing to successfully stop you has now backfired. In this season, you’ve been given a resolve, determination and refinement like never before. You have overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit, and now you’ve stepped into a new level of authority over the very thing that tried to take you down.

If that’s you, take heart. The Lion has roared. Trust in the Lord and as you find rest in Him, He will win your battles. You need not prove a thing. He will defend you and take you to your desired destination. And don’t forget the rain. Yes, the rains of His provision, blessing, promise and presence are about to pour out. Remember the story of Elijah? God told Elijah if he would go and confront Ahab, the drought of three years on the land would end. So Elijah went, and out of his obedience came the promised rain.

Then it came to pass the seventh time, that he (Elijah’s servant) said,” there is a cloud, as small as a man’s hand, rising out of the sea!” So he (Elijah) said,” go up, say to Ahab, ‘prepare your chariot, and go down before the rain stops you’” 1 Kings 18:44

Just this week, I’ve seen two rainbows with no sign of rain in sight. I believe this is confirmation, once again, that God will perform His promises when least expected.

Elijah knew with the tiniest cloud out in the distance, they were getting ready to get drenched. Why, because He knew the faithfulness of his God. He knew if God said He would cause it to rain, He would do it. Keep your eyes fixed on the Giver of the promise. Trust Him to bring it to pass. Hitch up your chariot, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. When the rains come, get ready for it to be explosive. Many of you are getting ready to take off. Keep your head buried in Jesus.

Much love,


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