The Hurricane Of A Generation: Is God in control of your crisis?

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I’ve been asked more than once what my thoughts are regarding this hurricane. My answer is simple. God has dominion over the winds and the waves, and at the sound of His voice they have to obey.

The glory of the Lord will be made manifest. Sometimes things have to be taken down, so they can rise again.

In the middle of the night last night I was awakened to words that were not my own. I was mumbling them, but I knew the Lord was speaking. I aroused from sleep enough to record what I was hearing. The following thoughts came from this 3 am interaction with God.

No matter what, God is good. He can and will use bad situations for our good. He is also a God of justice. To think that He is not involved in something as large as a hurricane is ridiculous.

He’s not trying to punish us or slap us on the wrist, but I do believe He could allow this to get our attention. You see, it’s times like these that we’re more likely to turn to Him. Somehow most people know in their heart of hearts that He is in control of the weather, regardless of whether they trust or believe in Him. It’s when we realize our lack of control that we begin to recognize Who’s really IN control.

Don’t be a crisis Christian. Draw near to Him on the sunny days as well as the stormy. I encourage you to get to know the One Whose every motivation toward us is love, even when it seems like tough love.

We have to understand the need for humility before God, and the need to get on our knees and pray. To repent. I know we run from that word, but repentance is really not a difficult thing. It’s simply allowing God to change our minds and hearts. Turning away from the things of this world and realigning ourselves with the heart of God.

The Bible says “Rend your heart and not your garments” (Joel 2:13). I’m afraid we’ve been rending our garments and not our hearts. What does that mean? We’ve been going through the religious motions without doing the work in our hearts. Most—really all of us—need some heart-work. God is looking for people who are willing to do the hard work of heart-work.

The Israelites were going into the promised land with Joshua. It was in the land of Gilgal, right outside of the promised land, that the men had to be circumcised before they could enter the promised land of Jericho. The Word for circumcision is the same word in Hebrew that means rend. Rend means to violently tear. It indicates an irreversible, violent stripping away. Once it’s done, it’s done. It’s permanent.

God is ready for us to rend, or violently tear away, the things in our hearts that do not belong to Him. Rid of it! Tear away the bitterness. Rid of the hate. The division. Do away with unforgiveness. Eradicate the divide between you and your family members and those with whom you’ve been appointed to be in covenant—unity in the Body is part of Jesus’ inheritance. Rid of fear, insecurity, rejection and abandonment. Rid of addiction. Refuse to align with anything that does not align with God. PraIse Him and fix your eyes on Him and His goodness. Trust Him, that even through the storm, He will keep you.

I’d rather have Jesus than anything: any relationship, any calling, or any material possession. Nothing earthly compares. When we are face to face with potential loss, we realize what really matters most in this life. It’s the people not the possessions. It’s the status of our hearts toward God and the people He’s placed in our lives. It’s our relationship with God. It’s the power of prayer, and of knowing Him and being known by Him.

Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed and the rain stopped for three years. He prayed again and the rain returned. With full authority, empowered by Holy Spirit, we can speak right now to this hurricane and tell it to dissolve and go back into the ocean from where it came.

God is looking for a company of sold out, humble worshipers who make war through their prayer and worship. Ones with strength and resolve, yet a purity of heart.

Rending is about purity. It’s about separating the bad from the good. It’s about heart motives and having the humility to let God change us from the inside out. Many are on the cusp of stepping out of Gilgal, or that city on the outskirts of the promised land. We’re so close we can look across the way and see clearly. We’re about to walk into the long awaited promises of God. But first—circumcision. Let go and let God. Who’s in?”

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