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“This book is full of spiritual treasures that will inspire women as they search the true meaning of intimacy with Jesus Christ. It makes you feel so loved by God and helps you look at the barriers that keep us from experiencing God’s grace. Rivera shares stories that allow the reader to connect with their own personal experiences and creates a beautiful journey inward with questions and songs for reflection. I feel very blessed to have read her book and plan to use it in my women’s bible study. I love it!!!”

~ Teresa Franklin, M.Ed.,LPC,NCC (Mansfield, Texas)

“I read this book in 2 days and could hardly put it down. This book directs you to desire more of recognizing and experiencing all the Lord has to offer his children. Through tears and laughter reading the Stories and daily walks Rivera Douthit took with Jesus gave me a new understanding of just how much he loves me and desires to show me his love and be my ” best friend” – Thank you Rivera for sharing your love and heart. WOW – I can not wait to read it again. My first response was to call many of my friends and say ‘YOU MUST READ THIS'”

~ Allison Allran, Orthodontist Assistant, (Huntersville, NC)

 “If you desire deeper connections with One who knows you and loves you, if you aren’t satisfied with status quo Christianity or surface level friendships, if you long for transparent honesty, come dig into Intimacy. God is at work in and through Rivera Douthit, speaking truth.”

~ Carol McCall, Bible Teacher (Charlotte, NC)

“Can’t stop reading!  Must say, you have not disappointed with this book! Thank you for being obedient in writing it because it is opening eyes, hearts, and minds. I’m grinning a goofy grin over the way the Holy Spirit is moving in me as I read this!”

~ Jane Hassan, (Findlay, OH)

“Rivera’s transparency and honesty are refreshing! I felt encouraged and challenged to drawn closer to Jesus as I devoured this book, and especially enjoyed the chapter called “Held.” The author’s style of writing connects you her in the first few pages – you’ll not be disappointed! Can’t wait for her next book!” 

~ Sue Wilson,  Writer, Bible Teacher (NC)

“From the moment I started reading “Intimacy”, God has spoke directly to me. Rivera Douthit allows us the opportunity to see into her life and her walk with the Lord. She has allowed God to use her trials and testimony to draw us into him. Read it as book, use it as a Bible study, (Highlight it, tab it, mark it – like I’ve done). You’ll read it again and again. Experience God in a way you never have before!!”

~Kelly Barnes, Writer (Denver, NC)

“I can NOT put your book down!!! What an amazing journey and I am only working on the second chapter. I so needed this. I just can’t tell you how much it is speaking…I am re-reading chapter one right now because there is so much in it for me that I don’t want to miss an ounce. Thank you for your obedience and prayer that God would send this book to the right person. He sure knows what He was doing. I’m overcome with emotion….”

~ Julie Howard (Beulaville, NC)

  “Rivera’s honesty and transparency about her struggles along with the hard hitting scriptural truths about who and what God says I am have helped me to dive into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the creator and lover of my life that is Jesus Christ.”

~ Aaron Cramer, Engine Builder, Roush Yates Racing (Mooresville, NC)

 “Rivera artfully weaves real-life stories with the Living Word. Her love for Jesus and people shines through as she uses relatable examples from daily life to illustrate God’s desire for an intimate relationship with each one of us. She will challenge you to look deep into your own soul, then bravely lift your gaze to our Savior’s eyes – and assures you that your gaze will be lovingly returned.”

~ Amy Lively, The Neighborhood Café (Lancaster, OH)

 “With honesty and vulnerability, accompanied with the power and truth of God’s Word, Rivera Douthit nails true intimacy in the life of a Christ-follower. Clear understanding is given to those who have sought to comprehend the depth and importance of a raw, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, as He so greatly desires, bringing rest, strength and healing to the human heart and soul. Whether you are a seasoned Christ follower, a new believer, or someone who is possibly just curious, this book will display the unlimited beauty and significance of true intimacy.”

~ Cammie Wilson, Pastor of Women’s Ministries  (Huntersville, NC)

 “Rivera Douthit was clearly filled with the Holy Spirit as she wrote her first book, Intimacy. If you are searching for a richer relationship with the Lover of your soul, I highly recommend this book!

~ Cheryl Pelton Lutz, Securely Held, LLC  (Canton, GA)

 “Rivera Douthit writes compelling personal accounts of intimacy with God inspiring you to settle for nothing less than a full elation of joy bellowing out from the deepest recesses of your soul.”

~ Edy Sutherland, author of The WHEE Factor: The RUSH You Get When You Experience God in Everyday Life (Scottsdale,  AZ)