Designer Purses and Red Stilettos

Letters from the summer of 1993.  Wow, I remember that!

Gifts I intended to re-gift but forgot I even had!   THAT’s where that went!

Clothes that traveled across country when we moved from CA to NC in 2004.   This doesn’t  fit, nor is it in style now.

Melted cough drops and tubes of ChapStick in designer purses I haven’t used in at least 3 years.  Yuck.

Red stilettos!   David will be happy! 😉

I can’t believe the things I found in my closet!  After emptying it completely to begin sorting, I wondered how it all ever fit in there!  If I stored it for nearly ten years and forgot I had it, chances are, I’m probably never going to use it!

What was I thinking?   What on earth possessed me to keep all of this stuff?  Really! 

Maybe it had to do with my fear of letting go.   My grandma lived through the Great Depression and taught me the necessity of keeping things for just in case.  I was never sure what just in case looked like, but just in case it ever happened, I was going to be prepared.

As I pondered, perhaps there was great truth in that thought.  Fear.  What was I really afraid of?  Being found without, or unprepared?  Was it simply fear of losing something I once had in my possession?

I’ve experienced great loss in my lifetime, mostly of people rather than things.  Family and friends have come and gone, leaving hurt and emptiness.  Maybe it was that?  Was it an attempt to fill a void?  Or was it from some deeply embedded history of hurt?

Whatever the root, I knew it was a problem and completely unnecessary.  Who needs this much stuff?

So God’s been teaching me…

HE alone fills the void.  No thing or no one can fill what God was meant to fill… in our closets,  in our hearts, and in our lives.

There’s nothing to fear when we’re trusting God.  Jesus has our backs.  He won’t leave us or forsake us, or let us down.

Let go!  We can’t be a river with sticky hands.  If we hang on tight–hoarding people, possessions, and gifts–we demonstrate our need for control rather than our ability to trust Him.  He’s been speaking, “Rivera, loosen your grip.  When you let go, you open yourself to receive My blessings and allow Me to be God.  If you’ll do this, you’ll stand amazed.  Then your life will match your name Rivera… ‘flowing river’ or ‘river of life.'”

Told you He’s been teaching me!

The cleaning of my closet induced the cleaning of my heart.  As I reached deep into the corners to remove things dusty and forgotten, God helped me trace back and extract old things from the corners of my heart.

We attempt to bury those things of the heart, long forgotten.  Like in our closets, every now and then we look way back there and catch a glimpse, but it’s easier to leave it there than dig it out.

Now that I’ve done it, it feels great.  I’ve dug out the old clothes, the letters from 1993, and shoes I forgot I owned.  Some were worth dusting off and keeping.  Some had to be thrown away.  Some I used to bless others.

But really the blessing is all mine.  I can see everything in there, and I can now walk in my closet.

So it is with my heart.  I ask God to continue to show me what’s there that shouldn’t be, and with open hands, I allow Him to extract any unhealthy thing in me.

12 thoughts on “Designer Purses and Red Stilettos

  1. Judy says:

    God has been showing me just how much I am hanging on to. Every time I think I’ve taken my hands off of everything… He shows me that I am still hanging on to something else. It’s been quite a revealing process. What are we really hanging on to? Only an illusion of control.

  2. Carol McCall says:

    Perfect timing. Today I took time to be still, search my heart, and deal with the stuff that shouldn’t be there. Now that there is increased joy, peace, and gratitude in my heart, I can be more motivated to apply this in the physical. I’ve recently realized that I learned to be a saver because we were poor when I was a child. My mother, who lived through the depression, taught me to hold on to things “just in case you need it later” and “for a rainy day.” Too much stuff is clutter… in the way… a hindrance. Cleaning it out is a work in progress. But, at least I’ve begun.

  3. Marcella Whitlock says:

    That sure made me think. If only we would let go and let God!!!!
    I need to clean my closet in more ways than one.
    Thank you for the work you are doing.

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